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If you’ve yet to hear about the newest member of the FIT4MOM family, we’re excited to introduce you to MamaWell!


Spring Break 2019

We know you're busy handling #allthethings before your vacation, Mama. So here is a list of a few reminders of things that may slip your mind!

1. Stop the mail.

Not only will it trick the bad guys into thinking you are home but it's a super quick and easy to do task! With a few quick clicks, your mail will be held until you say go!

2. Unplug.

We're talking about anything with a plug! Think small electronics, modems/ routers, appliances of all sizes and small clocks with an LED light that are in the "off" position. Even those use a small amount of energy when connected. Unplugging will not only help you save on your bill but could help protect your Wi-Fi from being hacked into, too!

3. Set alarms.

Punch in those codes or ask Siri to do it! It's that easy.

4. Empty the trash.

Coming home to what smells like a dumpster is LESS than ideal. While you're wrapping up some last minute packing, ask the hubby to take a lap around the house to empty all of the trash cans. He'll thank you later.

5. Turn down the temp.

Unless your fur babies will be staying home while you're away, there's no need for the AC to be on blast. Turn up the temp and enjoy some electric bill savings!

6. Empty the washing machine.

Remember that one time you had full intentions of doing #allthelaundry but the craziness of the day took over and you forgot to move that one load from the washer to dryer? Yeah. Us too! And we also remember the lovely mildewed aroma that went with it! Empty those washing machines before you leave!

7. Put the water heater on vacation mode.

The last thing you want to come home to is an unexpected lake in the basement. Setting your water heater to "vacation mode" before leaving can limit damage in the event of a leak from the tank. Once you return with that beautiful glowing tan, give it about an hour to heat up and you'll be back in business!

8. Leave a light on.

Burglars are less likely to tamper with a home that appears to have humans inside. Connect a Smart Plug that will allow you to turn on and off a light while you're in vacay mode or, just leave one on!

9. Book a pet sitter.

We recommend reaching out to a neighbor or local pet sitter that you trust 4- 6 weeks before your trip. This way you aren't scrambling last minute to make sure your #1 love is in good hands while you are away.

10. Check all prescriptions.

The last thing you want to do while on vacation is run around looking for a 24 hour pharmacy. Check all of those daily meds before zipping up your luggage to make sure you won't be left in a panic!

Making the most.png

Spring Break 2019

Tips for unplugging and maximizing time on your Vacay:

1. Disable Email notifications and set specific hours to check in with work.

We get it. No matter your profession, these days we are expected to be working 24-7. But few things can put a damper on your vacation like hearing someone needs you at work. Eliminate these distractions by disabling your email notifications or deleting your email app entirely. They WILL survive without you for a few days.

If you can’t afford to completely turn off your work emails, establish a specific time — and time limit — for checking email each day. Then only address the highest priority items and delegate the rest. Doing this will help you stick to your plan and maintain consistent expectations for yourself and your team.

2. Save Social Media for after bedtime.

We know you'll be DYING to post all the adorable pics of your kiddos and all the fun you're having, but try waiting until after bedtime to hop on your insta story! You never know what you may miss out on with your head buried in your phone!

3. Schedule ahead.

If you're the kind of person who wants to experience as much as possible while on vacay, get an itinerary together and do as much prep as you can in advance.

Plan on visiting a water or amusement park while you're away? Avoid long lines by purchasing your tickets ahead of time online. Want to visit a museum or zoo? Do a little research and see if there are dual passes available for out of towners. Is there a special restaurant you've been dying to go to? Get your reservations before you leave town! Organization is key for maximizing your family fun!

4. Follow Your Child's Lead

Planning is great, but don't let it rule the day. One of the biggest mistakes parents make on vacation is trying to push through activities and plans as planned rather than following the lead of their children. If your children seem tired, hungry or like they've had enough of a particular activity, call it quits, and take care of the issue. When traveling with children, it is important to remember that no matter how much you may want to finish a particular activity, they may not be able to handle more stimulation, or simply need to refuel. Happy kids equal happy parents on vacation. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to make the most out of your precious family vacation.

Road Trip List.png

Spring Break 2019

1. Doodle Pad- For getting all of your doodles out!

2. Water Wow- Mess free? This is for me.

3. CozyPhones- Finally! Headphones that actually stay ON your little.

4. Babyganic Wipes- Go ahead and just order two.

5. Swell Bottle- Someone may have told us that these will fit an entire bottle of wine. Just sayin’.

6. Trash Bag- Because we know what the back of every Mom’s car looks like.

7. CamelBak Kids Water Bottle- So there are no spills when they get thrown on the ground.

8. YETI Cooler- Treat yourself and get your fancy on!

9. IPAD Mini- Supervised of course... but a little screen time won't hurt!

10. Travel Activity Kit - So we can at least TRY to stay organized.

SB Mom List.png

Spring Break 2019

1. FIT4MOM Tote- Fold it or load it!

2. Surface SPF 40 Face Stick- Just say NO to wrinkles. Protect your skin with a tint!

3. YETI Colster- Sip in style.

4. Rainbow Sandals- Bring out your inner surfer chick. These are a must for any beach vacay.

5. Beautycounter Rose Water Spray - Cooling, refreshing & moisturizing! This spray is exactly what your skin needs for a mid day beach pick me up!

6. MPow Waterproof Case- Because we know you’ll be taking #alltheselfies.

7. UE Boom Speaker - Music makes everything more fun.

8. Beach Tent - Perfect for giving your itty bitty ones a place to nap, snack, play games or just escape the sun.

9. Kids Beach Chair- We love these chair for eating lunch at the beach and we even bring them along to soccer games back at home to give our kiddos a break from the sun.

10. Collapsible Beach Wagon - We know you've got plenty to haul - this beach wagon will give the hubs back a break. ;)

Runner Must Have List2.png

Whether you're racing toward a 5K finish line or you're training to cross that marathon off your bucket list, we've compiled a list of our favorite items that will help any runner achieve their goals!


Ready to get going? Here are a few of our easiest tips for kick starting your Spring Fitness goals.

1. Fitness in the Kitchen. It's true what they say, abs are made in the kitchen. The best way to jump start your fitness is to ditch the junk. Eat only real, whole foods and be careful of your portion size. Forget calorie counting. Instead just focus on fueling your body and giving it what it needs. Track what you eat! We are all busy Mamas, it's easy to lose track of what you are eating. But any Body Back grad will tell you the importance of food journaling. You will be shocked at how much more you are eating than you think you are once you start tracking. Download My Fitness Pal for an easy app to use on the go. It only takes a second to log and it is SO worth it.

2. Set realistic expectations. Realistic tweaks to your routine are the first step to a lasting habit. Don’t overwhelm yourself by taking on too many ambitious goals at once; instead, stick to the basics. And remember: Being healthy should be fun, feel good and be something you look forward to every day.

3. Sleep. We know...who has time for it? But proper sleep is SO important for your overall wellness. Not only does that precious shut eye give your body a chance to repair itself before your next workout, but tiredness can result in feeling hungry and lead to over eating. Ever have days where you feel like no matter what you eat you are still starving? More than likely it's because you havent had a proper night's sleep!

4. Step up that H20 game. Proper hydration aids digestion, refuels our bodies for upcoming workouts, boosts energy, nourishes the skin… the list of benefits goes on and on. Keep a water bottle with you at ALL TIMES as a constant reminder to drink more. *Remember that the water you drink during or immediately after a workout does not count toward your daily goal.*

5. Use the Buddy System. Pick a Body Back buddy or two and check in with one another often! Make sure you both are coming to class, check each other's weekly meal plans, get together for workouts on off days. You are much more likely to follow through if you know someone else is counting on you and will hold you accountable.


The pool, the beach- you're on vacay, we get it. You need a drink (or 12). So do we. Here are our recommendations for what to choose and what to skip to keep that waistline in check.

What to Drink. A large margarita, sex on the beach, or pina colada often contains more than 400 calories! Instead, opt for a vodka and soda water with lime, wine spritzer, champagne or light beer. Club soda has zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar. Love wine? Try cutting it with sparkling water to make it last a little longer and reduce your calorie intake. The average flute of bubbly has only 80 calories and no fat, and a bottle of light beer has just over 100 calories and no fat!

Pour Slowly, Sip Slowly. After all, you've got all day!

Drink Plenty of Water. A simple but important rule: Drink a glass of water for every cocktail you have. This will help fill you up so you aren't drinking alcohol to quench your thirst. Water will also keep you hydrated and minimize the effects of your hangover.

Eat Wisely. Don't forget to eat before you start drinking. After a drink or two, your likelihood of choosing wisely is severly diminished. Skip that snack bar and pack your own snacks instead. Nuts, fresh fruit, raw veggies and hummus, kale chips, a whole grain english muffin with a tablespoon of nut butter, edamame, or a clean beef jerky like this one all make great pool/beach snacks!

Get a morning workout in (because we know you won't after you start drinking). Not just for the calorie burn, but if you've made the investment to workout in the morning you're much more likely to make healthier choices when it comes to eating and drinking throughout the day. It doesn’t have to be crazy early! You are on vacation. Sleep in and then once you wake up, hang with your fam and have coffee. Make your workout the first thing on your agenda post coffee or breakfast.

CHEERS to a happy, healthy and slightly buzzed vacation!

road trip.png

The annual pilgrimage from Louisville to Florida is upon us. And we don't want you to ruin all your hard work and progress over these three weeks with fast food and gas station snacks on the way down. Here are our tips for a staying healthy on that long road trip!

It's like we always say, you cannot succeed without a plan! Think ahead of time: What will you eat? What will your kids eat? When will you eat? Where? Save money, time and calories by opting for a picnic instead of stopping at a crappy restaurant.

Traveling lunch or dinner ideas: Bring a small cooler and pack up any of these for a convenient meal.

-Body Back Tomato Basil Pasta Salad or this one.

-Body Back Chicken Salad served on a bed of lettuce or this one.

-Body Back Turkey Pesto Wrap or this one.

-Body Back Mediterranean Chicken Pasta or this one.

-Body Back Roasted Vegetable & Quinoa Bowl or this one.

Traveling snack ideas:

-Fresh Fruit. A simple apple travels well or you could prepare a small fruit salad to share with the kiddos. Who can resist fresh fruit on a warm spring day?

-Body Back Chickpea Nuts or these.

-We are loving these fruit and nut packs from Archer Farms! They are healthy, convenient, and the perfect size for snacking on the go!

-Air popped popcorn or these handy snack bags from skinny pop!

-Ok, they are our corporate sponsor...but we still LOVE Kind Bars. These are only 100 calories and even though they are under 3g of sugar, they will still satisfy your sweet tooth. WIN!

Happy trails, Mamas! xoxo


We can always rely on House of Boom to pull through with an amazing deal that will make even the most frugal of mamas smile from ear to ear! They are back at it with their Winter Deal. Haven't heard about it yet? Don't worry - we're here to give you the scoop.


Here at Fit4Mom Lou, we love the awesome facility King Louie's provides for our Stroller Strides and 360 classes. It's spacious. It's clean. It's the perfect hosting site for all kinds of sports activities. But, did you know they are also the area’s premier sporting complex for Lacrosse? King Louie’s is home to L4 Lacrosse and King’s Select Lacrosse!


1. SONOS - THE. BEST. SPEAKER out there. If your hubs loves music, he needs this.

2. WHOVEN subscription - Does your man live in T- Shirts? Of course he does. We’ve got just the thing for him! A subscription box for cool monthly T’s you both will love!

3. Wintersmiths Clear Ice Ball Maker - The PERFECT clear ice balls keeps drinks colder, longer, and with less dilution!

4. Bourbon glasses - Because every Kentucky gentleman needs a nice set of Bourbon glasses!

5. Rocketbook - For your tech guy. He will love this reusable notebook that sends notes right to his laptop!

6. Monogrammed Sunglass Strap from Clayton & Crume- A southern staple from this Louisville based handcrafted leather goods company. We are in love with everything here!

7. Vuori Shorts - Whether he’s hiking, hitting the courts, or lounging around the house, he will beg you for multiple pairs of these. Made for comfort with build in boxers, these are sure to be his new FAVE.

8. Indoor Putting Green - Since he can’t hit the links EVERY day, this indoor putting green will at least help his short game.

9. NIXON Watch - What’s hotter than a man in a nice watch?

10. Jerky Snob - Jerky Snob is a subscription-based service that sends healthy and delicious monthly shipments of great jerky that is made by independent and small batch producers. Hubs will love it!

0-3 mo. Gift List.png

1. Pottery Barn Baby Bath Wraps- Warm and cuddly, oh my!

2. Cool Beans Stretchy Baby Car Seat Canopy & Nursing Cover- Stylish yet functional.

3. MIU Waterproof Outdoor Foldable Blanket- A Stroller Strides staple that EVERY mom needs.

4. Kids Bath Collection by Beauty Counter- Safe suds for your little nugget.

5. Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket- Threads so soft it’ll make those sweet cuddles even cozier.

6. Baby Shoosher- Let the “shooshes” save the day.

7. Parker Baby Diaper Backpack- Totally stylin’ AND functioning.

8. Cuddle and Kind Hand Knit Dolls- With every purchase you will be helping to feed a child in need. Why not give back a lil’ while giving this season.

9. Heartland Music Classes- A F4M Lou Mom approved class and favorite!

10. Kickee Pants- #allthemoms are obsessing over these! Every little needs a pair.

3-6 gift list.png

1. Plasma Car- Inside or outside, this Plasma car is a blast! We mayyyy even get on it some nights after a couple glasses of wine and take it for a spin around the house. It's that fun!

2. Pogo Stick- Sturdy enough for adults? Because we want one too!

3. Magnetic Building Blocks- These will keep your littles occupied long enough for you to actually prep dinner… without distractions!

4. Worthy Threads-We all love Cat & Jack, but sometimes it's nice to dress your babe in something that NOT every other kid is wearing. This Mom owned company designs prints for girls and boys that you will fall in love with.

5. Pottery Barn Sleeping Bags- Whether they’re pretending to be at a sleepover or heading to Grandma’s house, these are a cozy fave!

6. Little Hippo Alarm Clock- KEEP YOUR KID IN BED LONGER AND GET MORE SLEEP ? Yes please! MELLA uses colors and facial expressions to teach your kids when it's time for bed and time to wake up.

7. Best Workout Buddy Shirt- A F4M little must have!

8. Kiwi Crate- Forget the IPAD, these STEM projects will keep your kiddos busy for hours. And no Mom guilt!

9. Candy Land Game- Nostalgic? Yes. Necessary for your child? Also yes.

10. VTECH Smartwatch- Because we know your little ones want to be just like you, smart watch and all!

HOB ad 3.jpg

Snow Day? … Take them to House of Boom

Need to entertain your kids during winter break? … Take them to House of Boom

Guests in town for the holidays? … Take them to House of Boom

Sensing a theme here? Us too! :)

KL glass turf.png

King Louie's Sports Center is a Strides favorite for many of you but there are SO many more activities that go on in this amazing space. Let us fill you in on what you might be missing out on!


We may be all about that mom life but we sure love the amazing dads that support the women that make our community so special! This week, we are putting a new spin on our Transformation Tuesday with a little input from the spouse of one of our recent Run Club and Body Back grads, Ashley Gonzalez.


Don't Forget About Yourself, Mama!

De-stress. The holidays can be a stressful time. We all feel the stress of managing our usual duties along with additional commitments to our friends and family. You may feel the financial stress of gifts and the interpersonal stress of conflicts. Try to anticipate sources of stress and develop a plan to manage them. This may involve committing to fewer get-togethers or setting a tighter budget. Don’t feel guilty... always remember what we say in Body Back: you have to take care of yourself before you can take of others.

Treat yourself. The holiday spirit is about helping others around you, but you also have to make time to take care of yourself. So treat yourself with something over the holidays. It may be something as simple as sleep. Wake up late and enjoy a day of rest; you need it. How about reading that book you’ve been meaning to for a long time, or getting a manicure or massage? Take the time to do the things that make you happy. Don't feel like you have the time to set aside for yourself right now? Plan a day in the New Year just for you and give it as a gift to yourself. Put it on your calendar, tell your spouse, block that time just for you!

Unschedule. We know that planner is booked solid. But are there things you can really say no to? Make room for holiday magic to unfold and cancel some of your planned activities.

Help others. Depression can increase during the holidays. Watch for signs of depression among your friends and family. Take an active role to support those in need. Invite those colleagues or friends who are alone over the holidays to spend them with you. Feeling down yourself? Volunteer and give to those less fortunate. Sometimes the best way to feel better ourselves is to give a little to those who need it most.

Be Grateful. Directing more of our attention towards gratitude for the things that make our lives wonderful is scientifically proven to make us healthier, more energetic, less stressed and anxious, and help us get better sleep. There is so much to be grateful for. Soak in the gratitude!


The craziness of the holiday season is upon us. The check lists, the shopping, the wrapping, the rushing, the STRESS. Your health is probably the last thing on your mind. But follow a couple of these easy tips and you're sure to save yourself from at least a few bad choices!

1. Eat Before You Shop! A starving mama can only pass that Cinnabon stand so many times before she convinces herself it's an ok option. Save yourself by not going to the mall hungry.

2. Track what you eat! The holidays are so busy, its easy to lose track of what you are eating. But any Body Back grad will tell you the importance of food journaling. Download My Fitness Pal for an easy app to use on the go. It only takes a second to log and it is SO worth it.

3. Weigh yourself daily. Usually we discourage you from weighing yourself every single day since so many factors can influence your weight. However, this month may be a good time to keep an eye on that scale. It can get away from you quickly!

4. Keep healthy snacks at work. Workplaces are usually the WORST culprits when it comes to overdoing the unhealthy holiday foods. Stash healthy foods in your desk at work so you’re not as tempted by the treats piling up at the office.

5. Get in a good sweat. You are more likely to make good food choices on the days you've worked out. So don't miss class! You are too busy to get it in later in the day, so get that butt kicking done with us at 5:30am!


At those holiday get-togethers it can be hard to know which is the healthiest choice to make. Here's our recommendations for what to choose and what to skip to keep that waistline in check.


Research suggests that you’ll consume the largest quantity of the foods you eat first, so set yourself up for success by starting with something low-calorie.

Eat this: Veggies and hummus. Veggies are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, and hummus is low cal but will also leave you feeling full and satisfied.

Not that: Chips and Dip. Chips are usually fried and have tons of salt which will leave you feeling bloated the next day. Dips like ranch can deliver a devastating 150 calories and 16 grams of fat per two tablespoons. You can easily consume 750 calories of dressing alone without realizing it.

Meats, Seafood & Small Bites:

Eat this: Shrimp cocktail, meatballs or deli meats. These are high in protein and low in fat. For example, 10 shrimps with cocktail sauce pack just 120 calories and less than 1 gram of fat.

Not that: Pigs in a Blanket or Buffalo Chicken Bites. Just one tiny Pig in a Banket can have over 100 calories and the breading and frying of those Buffalo Chicken Bites make them a dangerous choice.


Usually we opt to skip dessert... but it IS the holidays...

Eat this: Opt for fresh fruit! Believe it or not, it will ease your sugar craving. However, if you HAVE to have a little traditional dessert, don't overdo it. Scout the spread beforehand and choose one or two desserts you feel you just must try. If they're larger than bite-size portions, take half or split with a friend.

Not that: Pecan Pie, Frosted Sugar Cookies & Peppermint Bark. A single slice of this pie packs 500 calories and more than 30 g of sugar. Adorable frosted sugar cookies pack up to 166 calories and 15 g of sugar a pop and a small square of candy cane-topped peppermint bark can have nearly 180 calories with 10g of sugar.


Pour slowly, sip slowly.

Drink This: Champagne, light beer or vodka soda. The average flute of bubbly has 80 calories and no fat, and a bottle of light beer has just over 100 calories and no fat. Club soda has zero calories, zero fat and zero sugar.

Not That: Eggnog, creamy martinis or Gin & Tonic. Eggnog has an average of 344 calories and 19 grams of fat per glass! Dessert cocktails like chocolate martinis pack around 400 calories and 20 grams of fat. And tonic water can actually have as many calories as a regular cola!

Eat, drink & be merry! But do it carefully.


*adapted from cancercenter.com*

Tips wk 1.png

Tips for Safely Navigating those Holiday Parties

The holidays are upon us and that means lots of parties with lots of bad food. But just because you are a health conscious Mama doesn't mean you have to miss out on all the fun. Here are a few of our tips for keeping your party game stepped up without hating yourself the next day.

1. Bring a Dish! There’s no better way to control what you eat than to bring your own healthy dish! If you're a Body Back alum, the Roasted Veggie Quinoa salad or Tomato Basil Pasta salads are both great options to bring to a party. If you haven't been through the 8 Week Transformation yet, try decorating a wooden appetizer board with a variety of healthy nuts, hummus, olives, raw veggies, and crackers for dipping.

2. Indulge Wisely. Go ahead! Have your favorite holiday treat or drink this season. Just be smart about it. There's no need to over do it when research shows that the first couple bites of something are actually the most satisfyng. Go to the healthiest options first if you are feeling especially hungry. Take small bites and chew well. By doing so we can mitigate the negative effects that hard-to-digest foods or a combination of foods can have on our system. Both carbohydrate and fat digestion begin in the mouth with our salivary glands and our tongue’s enzyme secretion, so do your stomach a favor and chew, chew, chew!

3. Learn to say "No." Some of us feel like not eating something will offend the host or other guests. In reality, that’s rarely the case and others are usually unaware of what you are or are not eating. Also, with so many dietary restrictions today and an ever-growing population of people who are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free, and/or vegetarians, there is probably someone else at the event who’s watching their intake as well.

4. Use the Buddy System. Chances are there will be another health conscious friend at the party you are attending. Plan ahead to keep each other in check. Make sure you are seated near one another if it is a seated dinner. You are much less likely to over indulge or make bad choices if you know there is someone else watching!


Just when we think that House of Boom couldn't possibly get more exciting, they announce their awesome summer camp!

(Oh who are we kidding... we're never surprised by all the fun offered at House of Boom!)

Are you looking for something extra special for your kids to do this summer? Look no further than House of Boom this June & July. We've provided all the details below:

After School.jpg

Have you heard about the latest and greatest of deals offered by our friends at House of Boom? Scroll on down to read all about the After School Pass!


We can't imagine a more epic party venue than the premier trampoline park in Louisville. If you want to blow your birthday girl or boy's mind, let House of Boom host!

HOB foam pits.jpg

One of our favorite things about House of Boom is their commitment to providing a safe environment for our kids! Another thing we love about them is the broad collection of activities they offer. From the new Ninja Obstacle Course to the Extreme Dodgeball arena, they have something for everyone to enjoy. Today, we are especially loving the foam pits!

Do your kids love practicing tricks at House of Boom? The foam pits are the perfect place to practice aerial tricks and enjoy the freedom of flying through the air! The soft cushion of the foam cubes provides a safe landing space for all of the creative moves your kids can dream up! As moms, that's something we really appreciate.

If they are looking for some new inspo, show them some of these moves! The article provides pictures and step by step instruction for each trampoline trick. Some of these moves can benefit you too, Mama! The trampolines are a great place to work on your balance, core, and strength!

Next time you're at House of Boom, show your kids how they can use the foam pits to practice their skills. They will have a blast and you can rest easy knowing they'll land safe and sound!


Until August 15, you can head over to House of Boom and get a Wild Card for ONLY $10 when you purchase your flight ticket.

What is a Wild Card, you ask?

Only a 30 day pass for just $10.


The Wild Card gets you a 1-hour admission into the park for the next 30 days. That makes your cost only $0.33 per day for one hour each.

So, here’s how you can get your Wild Card:

  1. Buy a flight pass (1 hour, 2 hours, online or in-park)
  2. Ask for the Wild Card upgrade ($10 per person)
  3. Rock out for the next 30 days

The Wild Card price beats their normal one hour flight pass fee AND you get to use it for a whole month. That’s a crazy good deal, Mamas. Head over to House of Boom to get your Wild Card today!

You can find more details here!


We waited all winter for these warm summer days and boy have they arrived. The Kentucky summer heat and humidity is no joke! When you are loading up those kiddos to get to Stroller Strides and Stroller Barre this month, be sure to pack extra water and sunscreen. Portable stroller fans, water misters, and frozen/refrigerated wet wash clothes are other great ways to entertain your little ones while keeping them cool during class.

Of course, another great option to cool off after class is to head over to House of Boom and enjoy their massive air conditioned facility full of fun! You can get your workout of the day in and then let your kids get that pent up energy out from waiting patiently in those strollers during class! There are so many fun activities to enjoy at House of Boom; they’ve recently added a ninja obstacle course, zip line, and stunt fall attraction! Don’t worry - your tried and true favorites like the foam pits, dodgeball arena, and plenty of trampolines are still there!

If you’ve never been to House of Boom, it’s the perfect time to check it out now that all the new additions are complete! And if you’re like us and tend to be regulars, you now have a new excuse to go back (like you needed an excuse)!

We know your kids are going to LOVE the new and improved House of Boom.


Have you heard about House of Boom’s charitable efforts through Jump4Jump? Find out how you can help support this cause below!


If you want to chat with a client that can tell you ALL about #F4MLou, Brittany Littles is your girl. This amazing mama has taken on every program in our FIT4MOM repertoire and rocked every single one! Her most recent involvement has been with Stroller Strides, Run Club, and Fit4Baby. That’s right.... she’s expecting her second child any day now and has truly inspired Our Village with how active she’s been throughout her pregnancy. These are just a few words our team used to describe this determined mama:

“Brittany has a heart of pure gold! Her spirit is infectious and her determination is immeasurable. She’s an amazing mama, wife, teacher and runner. I’m blessed to have such an amazing friend!” - Terri (Run Club Coach)

“Brittany has an unshakable spirit, always so positive, no matter what. She is motivated, determined, and such an amazing role model. I’m so grateful to have had her in my class!” - Carla (Fit4Baby instructor)

Don’t mistake kindness for weakness” - She may very well be one of the nicest people but she is a beast! - Susan (BOOST instructor)


If you've yet to try out Stroller Strides, this list might just change your mind. Fit4Mom Louisville has so much to offer moms through our Strides classes. We provide fitness for mom and fun for baby (and big kids too)!



If you've been to House of Boom with your children, we bet you're familiar with the dread the kiddos feel when its time to leave! How excited do you think they would be if they found out they didn't have to?!


Being stuck inside in the cold winter months can be tough for anyone. The winter blues are a REAL thing! It can be especially difficult to entertain little ones this time of year. So, what is a mom to do?!


It's February.... the month of Loooove! While we typically keep things all about the #momlife here, we know you wear lots of other hats. So, this month we're going to focus on your grown up relationships! :)


It's no surprise that Our Village had a blast at our play date last month at House of Boom! We host play dates pretty frequently but the ones at House of Boom are extra fun. Play dates are a great way to get out of the house, make new friends, and experience some of the awesome activities offered by the city of Louisville!

It's no secret that one of our favorite Fit4Mom Lou hot spots is House of Boom. They offer 23,000 square feet of fun to explore. It is packed with a variety of activities guaranteed to put a smile on everyones' face. AND... once those flight passes expire and it's time to go home, your kiddos should be prepped and ready for nap time!


Whether you're there 100% to get your sweat on, you come for some mama socialization time, or you fall somewhere in the middle, these tips will help you maximize your time with us during Stroller Strides.


This month we are sharing the story of two of our Run Club and Body Back mamas that just crushed their goal of running in the Kentucky Derby Festival Mini Marathon! Kirsten Murphy and Lauren Rager have been part of Our Village for over a year and their transformation since has been so inspiring! Thank you to Kirsten for being a guest contributor on the blog this week so we could share your experiences!


Planning my daughter’s birthday parties has always been a struggle. Having your kid’s birthday two days before Christmas means that almost of all your friends hate you for making them bring their child to yet ANOTHER event during the busiest time of year. So I always try to give the parents a little added incentive to come. This year’s bribe: Bring your kids to House of Boom for Addie’s birthday. They will be EXHAUSTED afterwards. In the invitation I literally planted the visualization of an early bedtime and a quiet house. It worked. Everyone came.

The day of the party I was predictably stressed and overwhelmed and ready to snap at anyone in my way. I arrived at House of Boom early to set up, already worried that I wouldn’t possibly have enough time to get everything ready. I saw a sign that said “Party Checkin” and was relieved that I didn’t have to wait behind every kid in town who was out of school for winter break. As soon as I gave my name a series of things started to happen. I heard various people telling other people that the “Party Mom” had arrived and I was promptly introduced to my “Party Hostess.” (Huh? My what? I’m sure there was something about this in the form I filled out online but when you plan your kids birthday party at 1am you tend to overlook the details.) Anyway, my “Party Hostess” was AH-MAZING. She didn’t just show me to my room and then let me know when the pizza was there. She stuffed confetti into balloons, she rearranged tables and arranged them back when I changed my mind, she tied ribbons, hung decorations, filled ice tubs, set tables and even finished the final preparations while I frantically ran home to pick up the birthday girl. Best of all… she cleaned up when we were finished. She actually insisted that we not help her. You guys, I need a Party Hostess for my life.


Gettin Hot in Herrr.

Its that time of year again when the temps are WAY up. Follow these tips to keep your kiddos safe and cool at Stroller Strides.

  • Magic Cooling Towel: The Magic Cool is a personal cooling cloth designed to be used when personal cooling is needed. Simply wet the cloth with water, wring it out, and wave it in the air. The Magic Cool will cool down rapidly and stay cool as long as fabric is moist. Can be found at Cabelas!
  • Hot and Cold Gel packs: A frozen gel pack wrapped in a dish towel makes a wonderful climate control backrest for your little one. It’s squishy so it is not uncomfortable to lean against and because it is frozen it will keep baby nice and cool without being too cold.
  • Frozen water bottle: Fill a water bottle 3⁄4 of the way and then freeze it while it is partially on its side. Make sure it is on an angle and that the cap end is not totally covered with water. Right before class, fill the remaining space with cold tap water. Your water will remain cold for the duration of class.
  • Ice Towels: Wet a washcloth or dish towel, fold it and place it in the freezer. Before class, fill a ziplock with ice cubes and place your frozen towel inside. During class you can reach for your frozen towel as needed for a cool down, then simply place it back in the ziplock to keep it cold.
  • Clip on fan: You can find a reasonably priced clip on fan to provide a breeze for your little one. They can be found at Wal-Mart for as little as $5.00 or online for around $15.00.
  • Misting Fan: Look for a hand-held misting fan to provide your baby with an occasional spritz of cool water. These can be found at Wal-Mart and Sports Authority.

Stay cool, Mamas. xoxo.