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Holiday Mini 2022

The holiday season is often thought of as a time that brings about warmth, memorable traditions, laughter and time well spent with family and friends. Yet, for some, this is not always the case. Many people experience an influx of stress due to the hustle and bustle of extra shopping, crowded lines and overcommitting. Others may be feeling down due to lack of daylight or spending the holidays without a family member for the very first time.

We encourage you to take extra care to check on your family, friends and loved ones during this holiday season. And if you, yourself, aren’t feeling very jolly, we also want you to reach out and talk to someone about it.

We are all stretched thin this time of year and while we may not be able to take everyone's worries away, we can do small things to try to brighten someone's day. Here’s a few simple ideas to make (at least a few) spirits bright.

  1. Make an Angel Tree Donation. The heart delights in giving, not receiving. The salvation army has partnered with Walmart to make giving to those in need easier than ever. Click here to make a local child’s holiday wish come true.

  2. Leave a big tip. Restaurant staff have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. Consider leaving a larger than usual tip this season. You never know what an impact it might have.

  3. Cook a homemade meal for someone. As mothers we know that a homemade meal in itself can be a labor of love. Pass that showing of love off to someone who may need a little extra during the holidays.

  4. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you. It’s the smallest and most well known act of kindness. It’s also an act that has been known to set off a chain reaction. So next time you're in that coffee line, try sparking a little happiness!

  5. Volunteer - Louisville has lots of wonderful places to volunteer, especially during the holidays. Check out this list for some opportunities near you

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Holiday Mini 2022

The holiday season is in full swing and there’s no slowing down now, Mama. Gatherings with family and friends, office parties, cookie swaps, holiday shopping and school events. The mad rush to fit it all in doesn’t leave a lot of extra time for meal prepping and planning... but it’s still important to do. Just as you would any other time of year, be sure to set aside time each week to get the job done. This will allow you to fuel your body and will help you to make good decisions throughout the day (and night too!)

But, we know that whenever there’s a holiday there is sure to be unplanned bites enjoyed and sips sipped off plan. While those moments may feel inevitable, they don’t have to completely derail your nutrition goals. Since the unplanned moments are sure to happen, let’s make the planned ones a little bit healthier. Because, you know… balance.

Here is a list of our favorite simple swaps to give you a head start to staying on track this holiday season. They may seem small, but every little bit counts!

  1. Swap a few candies or a dessert for frozen grapes instead. Frozen grapes taste sweeter because freezing causes the cells in the fruit to break and the sugar begins to crystalize. This process causes our taste buds are better able to access the sugary sweetness in these fruits.

  2. Instead of sweet potato casserole, try cooking sweet potatoes with a sprinkle of cinnamon and brown sugar instead.

  3. Swap in avocados for creaminess. Use them to top your chili in place of sour cream, blend them with lemon and a pinch of salt and pepper for a creamy dressing, whip them into a batch of brownies instead of using butter or use them in a mousse instead of cream!

  4. When cooking and baking try using a highly quality nut milk in place of heavy cream or milk

  5. Skip the margarine, butter or vegetable oil and replace it with coconut oil when cooking and baking. We love to incorporate coconut oil into holiday baking because it makes sweet treats a little healthier. Note: swapping coconut oil can change the structure and texture of your baked good. Check out this great guide from Paleo Pantry for more info and swap instructions

  6. Instead of using sugar to flavor coffee or tea try a drizzle of maple syrup, a couple of drops of vanilla extract, cinnamon, honey or peppermint extract.

  7. Use cauliflower in place of rice, flour and potatoes.

  8. Cut back on cheese by sprinkling nutritional yeast on top of meals and dishes instead.

  9. Skip semi sweet chocolate chips and opt for dark chocolate chips like these or cacao nibs.

  10. Swap less healthy cuts of red meat like T-bone, rib-eye and flap steak for healthier choices like loin, sirloin or round whenever possible.


Birthday month is still going strong and we've got another local partner (not to mention one of our very own team members) to share with you today! We're so excited to tell you more about what Lauren Frank Rager does when she's not teaching classes for F4MLOU. With over 16 years of lending experience, she offers personalized white glove service to her clients as a Loan Officer for Veritas Mortgage. She's worked with many many people in Our Village. Read on to see what Lauren recently shared with us about her experience assisting the F4MLOU community and how you can benefit from her Lending expertise...

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Birthday month is still going strong and we're not out of local partners to share just yet!! Today, we're so excited to tell you about Primrose School - a place near and dear to the hearts of many parents in Our Village. Big thank you to owners Andy and Anne Almond for helping us make the celebration magic happen this month!


Not only is it F4MLOU's 7th birthday this month but this year also marks seven years in business for our next partner: Nailed It Contracting, Inc.

We are thrilled to be working with them and are so thankful for their partnership. Read on to learn more about this awesome local biz!


We are pleased to share about one of our own local #bossmoms today on the blog. Amanda Houle is a licensed Realtor with RE/MAX Premier Properties, serving the Louisville area and surrounding communities. She strives to provide her clients with the highest level of real estate services available and that's something we can personally attest to. Scroll on down to hear from Amander herself:


It's F4MLOU's 7th birthday month and we're so excited to share more about some of the awesome local partners who are helping us make the celebration magic happen! Today we're talking about Aptiva Health!

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It's F4MLOU's 7th birthday month and we're so excited to share more about some of the awesome local partners who are helping us make the celebration magic happen! First up - meet Racing Louisville FC!


It's F4MLOU's 7th birthday and we're so excited to share more about some of the awesome local partners who are helping us make the celebration magic happen! Next up - meet Jessica Hardesty-Nollar.


XO Aesthetic Refinery is a local full-service, medically-backed skin lab providing clients with the proper tools and education needed to stay ahead of aging. Sign us up!! We're so excited to partner with XO for birthday month.