Bringing the Farm to You

Although your local grocery store may claim farm fresh produce, is it really? One way to guarantee the freshness of your produce is to subscribe to a Farm Share program with a local farmer. Farm Share, sometimes called CSA (Community Supported Agricultural) programs foster a direct link between the consumer and the farmer. This spring and summer, Fit4Mom Louisville has chosen to partner with Sustainable Harvest Farm, located in London, KY. They produce sustainable, USDA-certified organic vegetables and select fruits for about 22 weeks. Sustainable Harvest Farm offers a wide assortment of produce, with the option of customizing your subscription each week by setting your produce preferences. To receive a discount on your subscription, see our monthly newsletter for the discount code or email Meredith@f4mlou.com.

Benefits for the Farm Share Subscriber

There are numerous benefits to Farm Share subscriptions but probably the most enjoyable one is receiving convenient, weekly deliveries of farm fresh, locally grown produce. It is not uncommon for produce in your weekly share to be picked and packed a day or two before you receive it. Now that is truly farm fresh! The produce grown is USDA certified organic, so it is grown without the use of harmful fertilizers and pesticides. Another benefit, is the Farm Share program gives subscribers the opportunity to explore healthy cooking for their family and eating a wide assortment of seasonal produce, and saving money by cooking at home versus eating out. Shares can be customized weekly based on your taste preferences. And finally, as a subscriber you are part of network of folks that enjoy healthy cooking and eating. You join a community, much like our Fit4Mom Louisville community.

Benefits to Your Farmer

In a traditional Farm Share model, your upfront payment for your annual share allows producers to invest in equipment, seeds, and cover upfront growing costs without having to take out high interest loans. Some Farm Share programs offer flexible payment options, allowing customers to pay throughout the season. Either way, Farm Share programs allow farmers to have a dependable revenue stream and a consumer market for their farm fresh produce and help ensure small, local farmers stay in business. A financial benefit for farmers is in essence they are eliminating the middle-man in the packaging, transportation, and selling of produce. This means more profit ends up with the farmer, which they can then reinvest in their business.