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Don't Quit Your Resolution

The giant, glitter ball dropped at midnight, cue the confetti, and your resolution was made. But now it’s a few weeks in, and you’re struggling to hold yourself accountable to that goal. You’re not the only one - we even have an official “Quit Your Resolution Day” proclaimed on January 17th. So how do you stay on track and reach those goals? We’ve got some ideas…

1. Revisit your goal. Maybe you didn’t define your goal well enough. A goal is just a dream without clear, precise, and realistic definition. Take a look at it again and ask yourself, “Is this measurable and attainable for me? How will I feel after I reach it?” Use this as a way of isolating what you’re trying to accomplish and refocusing on that goal.

2. Get a buddy. Remember the buddy system on field trips? It helped everybody stay together, and translates perfectly to this. Find a friend who has similar interests or goals to yours, and who isn’t afraid to call or text to help keep each other on track. You’re much more likely to hold yourself accountable, if somebody else is holding you accountable too. Plus, everything is more fun with friends!

3. Set your schedule and eliminate roadblocks. Assess what is holding you back from reaching that goal and strike it out. Some of us aren’t morning people, and if you know that about yourself, try streamlining your morning routine to make it that much easier. Things like pre-making your meals and beverages, or laying out what you need for the next day, helps to keep you on track. Or if you’re a night owl, start a winding down routine a little earlier to get more quality rest (don’t include screens or phones as they’re known to keep you up even later).

4. Reward yourself for small achievements. While you have an ultimate goal and target in sight, marking the mini milestones is equally important. Dream up some rewards that align and would motivate you along the way. Think - a smoothie at your favorite local spot, those cute running socks you’ve been eyeing, or setting aside some downtime for that new book or show you’ve been wanting to read or watch. These little celebrations will make the big one feel that much more achievable!