Why HIIT workouts are so effective.

We are living in times in which we have access to whatever we desire with the click of a button. Whether we’re intentionally looking for something online or not, advertisements and pop up ads follow our every move, and often seem to mysteriously know exactly what we are seeking. And yes, that even includes health and fitness. Everywhere we turn there’s a new shiny piece of equipment, a magic shake promising flat tummies or a program that appears to include everything you’ve ever dreamt of. But one staple in the fitness industry that has remained constant and on trend is High Intensity Interval Training… and it’s a workout we will never get enough of! Let us tell you why....

First things first: What is HIIT?

High Intensity Interval Training (aka. HIIT) is widely favored among many fitness enthusiasts including our very own Boost clients. It is known to provide the best workout in the least amount of time. HIIT generally combines bursts of intense exercise with periods of rest or lower intensity exercise. It is known to improve muscle tone and cardio health while also enabling your body to gain strength and endurance. But what might be our favorite benefit is known as the afterburn effect. The afterburn effect results from a major metabolic boost where calories are still being burnt long after your workout has ended. Basically turning your body into a fat burning machine! This is because of excess post-oxygen consumption (*EPOC) that takes place during your sweat. Not just that, but the endorphin and cortisol rush that you can feel after class leaves you feeling pretty euphoric!

** Learn more about EPOC by visiting acefitness.org.

Next up: Why we love it!

What’s not to love? You know those workouts where you walk away feeling like you’ve just conquered the world? The design of HIIT workouts are a big part of why you get that feeling. Especially when you meet your F4MLOU village in person or on screen! Here are our top reasons for why we are in love with HIIT!

  1. Never bored. There is literally an unlimited amount of ideas, formats, equipment, exercises and more that HIIT instructors can choose from to create unique classes every time you show up for class. No workout will ever be the same. And thank goodness for that because monotony just doesn’t give us the motivation we need to keep coming back for more.

  2. Class is portable. No pricey equipment. While living through the current pandemic we’ve all learned what the true meaning of pivoting is. So during those times when workouts cannot be in person, HIIT can be done anywhere! No pricey or stationary equipment necessary! We can still sweat wherever we are. And yes… That includes work, our in-laws house, a park or a hotel room.

  3. You burn more calories during HIIT than you do from cardio (both during and after exercise). Remember that afterburn thing we were talking about? Umm, yeah. Calories burning even after we’re done exercising… We’re IN!

  4. Let’s not forget about endurance. HIIT will give you the essentials needed for building strength and agility within both your muscles and cardiovascular system. Endurance activity is what keeps our heart, lungs, and circulatory system healthy and improves overall fitness. You can go hard with cardio, but your body needs strength built in too to keep your endurance high!

  5. There’s nothing like the sheer energy that comes from a HIIT (or BOOST) workout. When in person the inspo that comes from the woman next to you is electric. Having community within the same space as you while pushing your limits has a way of giving you that extra push and energy to go a little harder. Knowing that if the woman next to you can do it, you can too. The same goes for virtual classes too! When you look on the screen and see in real time your instructors and friends moving, sweating and showing up for themselves... that energy is not only contagious but will hold you accountable too.