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Our Favorite Recovery Tools

Spring 2022

Recovery is imperative to any exercise or training routine. Recovery tools can help fight off muscle soreness, can help reduce risk of potential injury, improve performance, prepare the body for the next training and so much more! Before pushing through another workout feeling stiff or uncomfortable, try one (or more) of our favorite tools to help you recover. Remember that recovery is different for everyone and what works for your bestie might not necessarily work for you! Try a few of these tools and stop by a brand new wellness studio that is coming to Louisville soon and discover which works best for your unique body.

  1. Theragun - Effortlessly hold on to this device and customize the speed you need to feel relief.

  2. Roller Stick - Traditional foam rollers are great for rolling your back, glutes, hips, etc while laying down- but if you have ever tried to roll the front of your body you know it’s a little more difficult. We love the roller stick for rolling out our thighs, calves and especially our tired or achy feet! Reduce pain, tightening and stiffness with the help of this extremely affordable stick.

  3. Pure Epsom Salt - Pure ingredients to safely soak muscle soreness and inflammation away without the added unknowns.

  4. Ice Roller Ball - Roll away pain and reduce inflammation with your choice of hot or cold therapy for muscles of all sizes.

  5. Recovery Sandals - Ok, these are hideous- we know. But ask around F4MLOU, and you’ll quickly hear about how amazing they are! Perfect support and cushion for those tired legs and feet. Ask any friend who has tried them and she will let you know that they are well worth the embarrassing look. Just don’t wear them out of the house. ;)

  6. Powerdot - Take the power of electronic stimulation with you just about anywhere thanks to Powerdot. The on-the-go muscle stimulation system is connected to your smartphone via an app that allows your muscles to loosen and recover with no foam rolling required.

  7. TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller - A foam roller that won’t break down and is designed to help channel blood and oxygen to repair muscles as you roll. We have been using this roller for years and haven’t found anything better!

  8. Recover Well - Meet Louisville's first social wellness studio opening this spring! You'll recover together with the use of infrared sauna therapy and cryotherapy. If you ask us, the combination of cold to hot will leave you feeling energized, strong and ready to handle whatever the day brings!

  9. Sidekick Scraper - Provide localized pressure to loosen and soothe muscles with a compact and portable edge. A bestselling scraper that can easily be stored for on-the-go recovery.

  10. CBD Releaf Balm - Cannabidiol (CBD), the cannabis compound that’s been touted for its healing effects without getting you “high,” has gotten attention for alleviating aches and inflammation. Some athletes have even said it’s a part of their health routine for enhancing performance, particularly when they’re experiencing pain. Whether you have a tension headache or discomfort from an aching muscle, this balm should help you feel better.