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Five Things You May Not Know About Stroller Strides

If you've yet to try out Stroller Strides, this list might just change your mind. Fit4Mom Louisville has so much to offer moms through our Strides classes. We provide fitness for mom and fun for baby (and big kids too)!

Here are five things you may not know about us:

1. You don't have to own a jogging stroller in order to participate in classes! Any stroller will do. Our instructors do their best to keep the group on flat or paved areas that are easy to access for all.

2. Team Members attending class are there to help when your child gets fussy so that you can focus on your workout. Many of our staff members keep bubble wands, busy bottles, and other fun items in their strollers just in case a little gets grumpy! They aren't above pushing your stroller around a parking lot or holding a crying baby either should the need arise. ;)

3. You are welcome at class solo too. If you find yourself with a kid free day, take advantage of that time to get to class, focus on you, and really turn up the effort you put in! (And, don't forget to check out BOOST- a calorie blasting sweat session JUST for the mamas!!)

4. We offer classes seven days a week all over town - mornings and evenings available! You may think that there's no way you could fit a class into your day but we challenge you to check out our schedule here!

5. Many of our Stroller Strides classes are followed by Our Village playdates. Our playdate captains do a great job of providing a variety of opportunities and activities for our littles to enjoy after class. Some examples of playdate activities we've done in the past are nature scavenger hunts, fun with bubbles, crafts, and trips to House of Boom!

Your first class is FREE and we would love to have you. It's the perfect time to get outdoors and get into a workout routine. You can sign up for a class here.