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What to Bring to a Summer Cookout

Summer Well Between 2021

Summer is here and that means plenty of outdoor cookouts and get-togethers. After the last year of social distancing and zoom happy hours- we know you are ready for some actual in person fun. But that doesn’t mean your health and your habits need to take a back seat!

We have a simple strategy that we always follow when attending any party:

  1. Bring a dish that you can eat and feel good about.

  2. If there aren’t other healthy options there, fill most of your plate with what you brought.

  3. Even if you add a few other things to your plate, eat what you brought FIRST.

So sure, you can still have one of your Grandma’s famous cookies or a small helping of that insanely creamy mac and cheese your best friend always makes. After all, this will be one of your Well Between moments for the week! But if you fill yourself up with healthy choices first, you are less likely to go overboard with the other stuff.

Protip: Don't worry about bringing something “too healthy” to the party. There will be plenty of sweet and savory goodies there for everyone. Your dish doesn't need to be the favorite for everyone. But we bet there will be at least a couple other people there who will be relieved to see a good option among all the comfort food!

Here are some fun ideas for things to bring that won’t completely derail your progress.

When you're asked to bring an app:

Hummus is so great for you but honestly, even we get bored with it. Switch up your regular hummus with these colorful and tasty variations. Serve with fresh veggies for a super nutrient dense app!

Shrimp cocktail is a simple party classic that makes even a backyard bbq feel a little fancy! Check out our tips below for keeping shrimp cool in the heat of summer.

When you’re asked to bring a side:

Our all time favorite side to bring to a cookout has been and will ALWAYS be the Roasted Veggie Quinoa on pg _ of the recipe book. It works perfectly as a side but also gives us what we need for a main dish if there isn't anything else there that we want to eat!

This Tomato Peach Flatbread screams summer.

When you’re asked to bring a salad:

Don’t be like a regular salad, be a cool salad! This cool as a Cucumber Honeydew Salad is sure to be a crowd fave!

Or try a super refreshing twist on a regular caprese salad with this Watermelon Caprese!

When you're asked to bring a main:

Hopefully you aren’t expected to bring an actual main, but if you are hosting these Pineapple Coconut Kebabs are so festive and fun your guests will feel like they’ve escaped to a tropical island!

Or you can literally never go wrong with classic Baked Chicken Wings. Pick up (or prepare) a couple of clean dipping sauces and let party guests choose their own flavor additions.

When you're asked to bring a dessert:

Any Louisville themed dessert is sure to be a hit, right? And if we do say so ourselves, these Well Between Derby Pie Balls are quite delicious.

And don’t sleep on fruit as the ultimate summer dessert! These Grilled Fruit Skewers are so delicious everyone will forget that they are making a healthy choice.