Stroller Striding Littles FAVE THINGS- June

FIT4MOM LOUISVILLE Presents Our Stroller Striding Littles FAVE THINGS for JUNE!


Why we love them- Summer has arrived in Louisville, KY and we are feeling the HEAT & HUMIDITY! These fans help keep our littles cooled off during class which makes Mama HAPPY!

Where you can find them- Whether you prefer shopping online or getting out of the house and shopping locally, you’ll have no problem finding these awesome fans! You’re Little will be HAPPY you did so!

Here are our TOP 3 places to find them...

What our FIT4MOM LOUISVILLE MOMS are saying about them-

“We love our fan because it makes me feel at ease knowing my 3 month old is getting some air flow while sitting in her stroller!”

“Couldn’t make it through a summer without one!”

“Love that they make them with soft blades so I know that my little man won’t get hurt if he happens to touch the fan”

Disclaimer- FIT4MOM Louisville is in no way being paid or compensated for the review or recommendation of these products.