Stroller Striding Littles FAVE THINGS- July

Our Stroller Striding Littles FAVE thing this month will totally keep you lookin' stylish this summer!

Check out the original MILK SNOB cover!

Why WE love them- They are totally stylish and have lots of fab prints to choose from! Not only do they work as a car seat cover but it can also be used as a nursing combo! They also help shield those pesky summer time bugs! Listen to what Christine (a Stroller Striding Mama) has to say about them!

"I love that the cover goes completely around so nothing shows- when I had Addison the only covers on the market were draped down the front of you, leaving chances for side boob exposure! They also offer cute prints and free shipping."

Why our LITTLES love them- I mean, who doesn't like a little shade from the sun?! We also know the Littles have to love how soft the fabric is on their skin while they are nursing or being bottle fed!

Where YOU can find them- Go to to fine these and other amazing stylish products. They are such a great deal at only $36.00 each! We love looking stylish on a budget!

Disclaimer- FIT4MOM Louisville is in no way being paid or compensated for the review or recommendation of these products.