Stroller Striding Littles FAVE THING- August

Stroller Striding Littles FAVE THINGS- August

If you haven’t already been to STEEL CITY POPS this summer, IT’S A MUST!

Why WE love them- Besides being UBER tasty, these POPS are made with all- natural or certified ingredients. They are even locally- harvested when possible and they are only sweetened with raw, organic cane sugar. Steel City Pops never uses artificial flavors, colors or preservatives! All POPS are gluten- free and vegetarian which is an added bonus! Looking for a new affordable HOT spot for the whole fam in The Ville? THIS is it!

Why our LITTLES love them- What little doesn’t like a tasty treat?! With such great ingredients, Mommy may even let you have two! The littles even get to enjoy watching STEEL CITY POPS being made while they eat inside the beautifully designed shop!

Where YOU can find them- Our nearest location is right here in Louisville but you can also find them in Alabama and Texas! Get in your car or bike and head there NOW!

You can find them at 1021 Bardstown Rd., Louisville, KY 40204.

Check out their website at for their menu and more! With options such as Cantaloupe, Champagne White Tea, Strawberry Shortcake and Coffee... you and the littles can’t NOT find something you’ll both love!