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Spring Break Road Trip Survival Tips

The annual pilgrimage from Louisville to Florida is upon us. And we don't want you to ruin all your hard work and progress over these three weeks with fast food and gas station snacks on the way down. Here are our tips for a staying healthy on that long road trip!

It's like we always say, you cannot succeed without a plan! Think ahead of time: What will you eat? What will your kids eat? When will you eat? Where? Save money, time and calories by opting for a picnic instead of stopping at a crappy restaurant.

Traveling lunch or dinner ideas: Bring a small cooler and pack up any of these for a convenient meal.

-Body Back Tomato Basil Pasta Salad or this one.

-Body Back Chicken Salad served on a bed of lettuce or this one.

-Body Back Turkey Pesto Wrap or this one.

-Body Back Mediterranean Chicken Pasta or this one.

-Body Back Roasted Vegetable & Quinoa Bowl or this one.

Traveling snack ideas:

-Fresh Fruit. A simple apple travels well or you could prepare a small fruit salad to share with the kiddos. Who can resist fresh fruit on a warm spring day?

-Body Back Chickpea Nuts or these.

-We are loving these fruit and nut packs from Archer Farms! They are healthy, convenient, and the perfect size for snacking on the go!

-Air popped popcorn or these handy snack bags from skinny pop!

-Ok, they are our corporate sponsor...but we still LOVE Kind Bars. These are only 100 calories and even though they are under 3g of sugar, they will still satisfy your sweet tooth. WIN!

Happy trails, Mamas! xoxo