Run Club Recap with Rachael

Well... we are officially over halfway through with Run Club and I am ALIVE! Dare I say thriving? This experience thus far has already given me so much more than I expected. I’m honestly not sure what I expected but I really didn’t think I'd get to a place where I enjoy running long distances, where I can push myself further with each run and hit my goals. Most of all, I never realized how there are runners of all types in this group. Not everyone is REALLY fast and not everyone is just starting out. There really is a great mix of all types of runners and we all work together. We help each other achieve our goals.

My goal from the beginning of this was to cross the finish line at the Kentucky Derby Half Marathon. I had no thoughts on what kind of pace I wanted to be at or how fast I could even run a mile. I had run at most 3 miles at a time when I started. We all got our training plan based on what our goals were and honestly it didn’t look as scary as I expected. I remember looking at it though and seeing numbers like 6,7, 8 mile runs. I thought how am I ever going to get there??

Here I am 6 weeks in and those numbers don’t look scary anymore. I have run 6 and 7 miles and at the end it wasn’t bad at all. I remember when I posted my stats from my run in the group and a friend told me something her dad says (he is an avid runner) “If you can run 6 miles you can run 13, so congrats you made it!” I felt so strong reading that. I felt like I could hit those high miles and I CAN complete my half marathon!


A few weeks in, I decided that to keep myself accountable leading up to the half, I would do the triple crown races. They are a 5k,10k and a 15k. The 10k would have been today and I was so excited to complete my first big race. However, due to all the safety precautions taken for the COVID-19, the races were cancelled. I was really sad in the moment when I heard the news. I understood but I was still very bummed. I felt like everything that I'd worked for was for no reason. But then I saw our beautiful gang of women in Run Club coming together in the midst of uncertainty and continuing on this journey in new ways. We are meeting virtually. We are still supporting one another. And I thought to myself - this big race is no longer important. What IS important is that because of Run Club and because of my fellow mommas constantly pushing me and encouraging me I I know I COULD do this. I can and will run a 10k and that is a win in my book!

I am really excited to continue sharing my journey. I WILL run 13 miles! I believe I can and that’s what is important.