Road Trip List.png

Road Trip Packing List

Spring Break 2019

1. Doodle Pad- For getting all of your doodles out!

2. Water Wow- Mess free? This is for me.

3. CozyPhones- Finally! Headphones that actually stay ON your little.

4. Babyganic Wipes- Go ahead and just order two.

5. Swell Bottle- Someone may have told us that these will fit an entire bottle of wine. Just sayin’.

6. Trash Bag- Because we know what the back of every Mom’s car looks like.

7. CamelBak Kids Water Bottle- So there are no spills when they get thrown on the ground.

8. YETI Cooler- Treat yourself and get your fancy on!

9. IPAD Mini- Supervised of course... but a little screen time won't hurt!

10. Travel Activity Kit - So we can at least TRY to stay organized.