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Racing Louisville FC

It's F4MLOU's 7th birthday month and we're so excited to share more about some of the awesome local partners who are helping us make the celebration magic happen! First up - meet Racing Louisville FC!

Racing Louisville FC, run by the same company that owns Louisville City FC, is the first women’s professional sports team of any kind in the greater Louisville region. Our squad plays in the National Women’s Soccer League, which is widely considered the best league in the world, and the roster is made up of world-class athletes who play for the U.S. Women’s National Team. One of our stars, Jess McDonald, who won the World Cup with the U.S. Women’s National Team in 2019, is a fierce advocate for moms who are professional athletes and played a key role in negotiating for equal pay for our national team. Racing was also proudly the first club in the NWSL to develop a partnership with a fertility institute. With Racing Louisville, we’re more than just soccer – we represent the now and the future of pro sports, inspiring kids to dream big, especially little girls who previously didn’t have local pro sports role models who looked like them.

Find them on Facebook here.

You can also learn more or buy tickets by visiting their webpage.