SBM Faves 2022 (6).png

Packing List for a Road Trip with Kids

Spring 2022

  1. CozyPhones - Headphones that actually stay ON your little.

  2. Wiki Sticks - Never leave home without them! Literally.

  3. Movie Player - Just press play to make time fly by.

  4. Mini Arrow Backpack - A must for littles to keep all of their things in the passenger seat.

  5. Swell Bottle - Someone may have told us that these will fit an entire bottle of wine. Just sayin’.

  6. Radical Road Trip - Entertainment and laughs for the entire family.

  7. Bracelet Making Kit - Once kids start they won’t stop until each bracelet is complete!

  8. IPAD Mini - Supervised of course... but a little screen time won't hurt!

  9. CamelBak Kids Water Bottle - So there are no spills when they get thrown on the ground.

  10. Travel Legos - Finally! A place to store Legos and play with them at the same time!