Our Favorite Things About MamaWell

If you’ve yet to hear about the newest member of the FIT4MOM family, we’re excited to introduce you to MamaWell!

MamaWell by FIT4MOM is THE ultimate digital prenatal and postpartum wellness program crafted to guide you through your pregnancy with physical and mental fitness, nutrition, birth preparation, and postpartum recovery. It gives expecting mamas #allthethings. And today, we’re giving you the inside scoop and sharing some of our favorite things about this program! Here goes...

1. No matter what point you’re at in your pregnancy, MamaWell is designed to allow you to jump right in! Be it week 11 or 29, this program meets you right where you are. Upon opting into MamaWell, you’ll have access to resources tailored week by week to the needs of your changing body.

2. Each Monday you’ll be greeted by a MamaWell email! The content each week will vary but some of our favorites are handy organizational docs, journal prompts that double as sweet keepsakes, and pregnancy mantras!

3. If you haven’t been able to make our Fit4Baby program work with your schedule, this is a great alternative for the expecting mama. MamaWell provides pregnancy appropriate week by week movement guidance! Whether it’s strength and core work, posture awareness exercises, kegel guidance, or restorative work – you’ll find it all at your fingertips!

4. FIT4MOM provides a private MamaWell Facebook group community. Join other women on the same journey in this online forum to stay motivated to workout and eat well throughout pregnancy, utilize all that fellow mama experience, and be reminded that you’re not alone!

5. MamaWell is something that can be used for multiple pregnancies! Just like your favorite book, once you’ve purchased this awesome digital guide, it’s there whenever you want to refer back to it. You can easily access the guide from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!


Sounds awesome, right?! We wish this had been available during our pregnancies! This guide makes for a thoughtful, unique, and immensely helpful gift for a friend and of course, for yourself. Feel free to send this link to your baby daddy to drop a not-so-subtle hint that this is on your wishlist. :)

If you’re ready to get MamaWell, check it out here.