One Party Mom’s Review of her Daughter’s Birthday at House of Boom

Planning my daughter’s birthday parties has always been a struggle. Having your kid’s birthday two days before Christmas means that almost of all your friends hate you for making them bring their child to yet ANOTHER event during the busiest time of year. So I always try to give the parents a little added incentive to come. This year’s bribe: Bring your kids to House of Boom for Addie’s birthday. They will be EXHAUSTED afterwards. In the invitation I literally planted the visualization of an early bedtime and a quiet house. It worked. Everyone came.

The day of the party I was predictably stressed and overwhelmed and ready to snap at anyone in my way. I arrived at House of Boom early to set up, already worried that I wouldn’t possibly have enough time to get everything ready. I saw a sign that said “Party Checkin” and was relieved that I didn’t have to wait behind every kid in town who was out of school for winter break. As soon as I gave my name a series of things started to happen. I heard various people telling other people that the “Party Mom” had arrived and I was promptly introduced to my “Party Hostess.” (Huh? My what? I’m sure there was something about this in the form I filled out online but when you plan your kids birthday party at 1am you tend to overlook the details.) Anyway, my “Party Hostess” was AH-MAZING. She didn’t just show me to my room and then let me know when the pizza was there. She stuffed confetti into balloons, she rearranged tables and arranged them back when I changed my mind, she tied ribbons, hung decorations, filled ice tubs, set tables and even finished the final preparations while I frantically ran home to pick up the birthday girl. Best of all… she cleaned up when we were finished. She actually insisted that we not help her. You guys, I need a Party Hostess for my life.