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Making the Most of Your Vacay

Spring Break 2019

Tips for unplugging and maximizing time on your Vacay:

1. Disable Email notifications and set specific hours to check in with work.

We get it. No matter your profession, these days we are expected to be working 24-7. But few things can put a damper on your vacation like hearing someone needs you at work. Eliminate these distractions by disabling your email notifications or deleting your email app entirely. They WILL survive without you for a few days.

If you can’t afford to completely turn off your work emails, establish a specific time — and time limit — for checking email each day. Then only address the highest priority items and delegate the rest. Doing this will help you stick to your plan and maintain consistent expectations for yourself and your team.

2. Save Social Media for after bedtime.

We know you'll be DYING to post all the adorable pics of your kiddos and all the fun you're having, but try waiting until after bedtime to hop on your insta story! You never know what you may miss out on with your head buried in your phone!

3. Schedule ahead.

If you're the kind of person who wants to experience as much as possible while on vacay, get an itinerary together and do as much prep as you can in advance.

Plan on visiting a water or amusement park while you're away? Avoid long lines by purchasing your tickets ahead of time online. Want to visit a museum or zoo? Do a little research and see if there are dual passes available for out of towners. Is there a special restaurant you've been dying to go to? Get your reservations before you leave town! Organization is key for maximizing your family fun!

4. Follow Your Child's Lead

Planning is great, but don't let it rule the day. One of the biggest mistakes parents make on vacation is trying to push through activities and plans as planned rather than following the lead of their children. If your children seem tired, hungry or like they've had enough of a particular activity, call it quits, and take care of the issue. When traveling with children, it is important to remember that no matter how much you may want to finish a particular activity, they may not be able to handle more stimulation, or simply need to refuel. Happy kids equal happy parents on vacation. By keeping this in mind, you will be able to make the most out of your precious family vacation.