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Laundry Care. A wash and fold laundry service.

February 2021

Let’s just go ahead and start by saying that we wish we had given Laundry Care a try months ago!

But here’s the honest truth. The thought of sending my family’s belongings to be laundered with a business I hadn’t heard of much before left me feeling a bit uneasy. However, knowing deep down that a little extra help could ease some stress, I went for it!

For our first wash with Laundry Care we sent away bath towels and our California king comforter because I can never seem to get it fully dry and fluffed in our dryer at home. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to leave it up to the pros!

The entire experience was a quick and easy process all around. First, I went to the Laundry Care website, created an account, filled in our address, selected a day for pickup/dropoff and answered a few multiple choice questions. Next, I placed our items in a 13 gallon sized bag and set it outside.* Voila! Starting a load of laundry had never felt so easy.

The typical pickup/drop off dates appear to be anywhere from 1-2 days. So for items that you may have plenty of (such as t shirts, underwear or socks) this wouldn’t be problematic. But for other items such as your child’s jersey for a game the next morning or your favorite pair of pants that you plan to wear that evening, you’ll want to be sure to plan ahead prior to sending away to be washed.

Two days later I received a text letting me know that our things were on the way. I wasn’t home when they arrived but our items were neatly stacked, securely wrapped and waterproofed too. Excitedly, I opened the bags to see how things looked. Not only did they smell fresh (and not full of chemicals) but they were tightly folded and our towels were the most fluffy I had ever seen them. Hooray for Laundry Care!

There you have it, Mamas. No more starting a load of laundry, forgetting about it and then needing to rewash it because of the awful mildew smell. No more leaving clothes in the dryer so long that everything comes out more wrinkled than your Grandma. With affordable prices, an easy process and friendly staff to work with there is no doubt that we would highly recommend Laundry Care to our Village. Head over to their website now and let them know FIT4MOM Lou sent you!

*Recurring Laundry Care clients will be provided with a reusable nylon bag for a small fee.

This is a post sponsored by Laundry Care but all thoughts and opinions are my own.