Hot Mama Product of the Month- JUNE

HEY all of you HOT Mama’s… YES YOU! YOU are a HOT MOM!

We know that being a MOM means that we are on FULL TIME DUTY. Some days (let’s be honest- MOST DAYS) we rock dirty hair from the day(s) before and t-shirts stained with go-gurt. You know... the ones that our kiddos absolutely love to eat but then squeeze the rest out onto anything it can touch! BUT... we still want you to feel like a HOT MAMA while you’re ROCKING it on MOM duty!

That’s why we want to start sharing some of our fave products with you each month! You definitely don’t have to LOOK like you have it all together and you sure as heck don’t have to apply a full face of makeup every morning to BE a HOT MOM... but let’s be REAL… sometimes using a new product can make you feel renewed, confident and remind you that YES YOU, are in fact a HOT MOM!

Our June Product of the Month comes from Belle & Rose. A line of products made from 100% all natural ingredients and hand blended in Louisville, Kentucky!

Do you ever feel like your complexion starts to look dull, feel rough or that it just needs a pick me up during the summer months?! We do!!! Which is exactly why we want to share this Raw Honey Face Scrub! One of the ingredients is SEA SALT which is just the right texture to lift and remove those old dead skin cells and reveal that healthy, radiant skin that is hiding underneath! It’s one of those products you will use and walk away from really feeling like your skin just benefited. It also has an amazing LAVENDER aroma which has a calming effect. So make sure those littles are good to go for a few minutes, close that bathroom door and give yourself a few minutes of relaxation with this amazing product. You deserve it Mama...

Disclaimer: We are not Dermatologists but have heard it is best not to exfoliate more than 1-2x a week as you want to give your skin time to renew itself after exfoliation before exfoliating again! FIT4MOM Louisville is not being paid or compensated in any way for this promotion. These are simply products that we love and want to share!

You can purchase this product HERE and if you’re in the Louisville area, use coupon code LOCAL for free local delivery or call (502) 930-2290!

CHEERS to us HOT Mama’s! Have a great rest of the month!