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Holiday Date Night: During a Pandemic

Holiday 2020

What's more romantic than the holiday season? Grab your guy and get out for one of these pandemic friendly date nights.

  1. Car picnic under the stars. Grab a blanket, a charcuterie board (you can make your own, or pick one up from Board and You) and a bottle of your favorite champs for a car date with some je ne sais quoi. Best part? No sitter needed. You don’t even need to leave the driveway!

  2. Drive in movie. It’s true. Drive-ins aren’t just a thing of the past. They’re BACK and we are lucky enough to have one nearby. Buy your Sauerbeck Family Drive In tickets online and then load up the car with a few cozy essentials. Don’t forget this great Pendelton thermos and bring along the hot or cold beverage of your choice!

  3. Taco Tuesday in an Igloo. Reserve your personal outdoor igloo at Limon y Sal for a night of dinner and drinks, OLE-! Prefer a quiet night inside? Keep them in mind for take out too. Margaritas to go! Que bueno!

  4. Art Walk at Barn8. Wine + dine, then walk alongside a magical creek at sunset while intricate projections illuminate the surrounding landscape of Barn8. There is over 1,500 feet of beautiful and immersive art that will fill the air with a romantic atmosphere.

  5. Visit Dometown. Canopy Crew has built a village suspended in trees with beautiful domes to feel at ease. Reconnect with your love while enjoying a unique experience that you’ll have to hold onto for years to come.

  6. Luxury camping. Even if camping isn’t for you checking into Camp Bespoke is something you must do! Choose from a tipi, cottage or cabin without missing the essentials. Wi-fi, HVAC, movie nights and more will help you feel right at home! Bonus: this business is women owned too!

  7. Murder Mystery Dinner at the KY Castle. Dine like royalty at the KY Castle while simultaneously uncovering the thrilling mystery of who killed Santa!

  8. Hike to a waterfall. “There are waterfalls in Kentucky?”... That’s what we said too! But in all seriousness, pick a day and go watch the display! There is something quite soothing, wondrous and beautiful when arriving upon a waterfall. Be sure to pack a lunch and stay to enjoy the view.

  9. Go for a Walk. But not just any walk… A Winter Illumination walk! Grab hot chocolate to go and cuddle up next to your love while walking the magical grounds of The Parklands with sights and lights galore.

  10. Leave it to the Pros. Really want to make date night happen but both of you are just too exhausted to plan a fun experience? Happily has you covered! These specially curated home date night experiences are delivered right to your doorstep!