F4MLou's Healthy Mama 2018 Gift Guide

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1. Thug Kitchen - Baby cause she’s (still) a thug. And these recipes are clean, delicious, and a GOOP fave!

2. Goodr’s- Part of the official F4MLou uniform! If she doesn’t already have at least 2 pairs she’s gonna need 'em.

3. Bose Headphones - Whether she’s hustling on conference calls or trying to drown out her kids' whining, these are a Mom Must Have.

4. Inez Booties by TOMS - Winter is coming. Keep her warm.

5. Hoola by Benefit Bronzer - An oldie but a goodie. This classic needs to be in every girl's makeup bag.

6. Apple Watch - If she doesn't have this yet, she needs it!

7. Fit4Mom Fanny Pack - Just trust us...she’ll love it.

8. Weighted Blanket - Weighted blankets help with anxiety, stress, insomnia, sensory disorders & more. Give her the good night’s rest she needs!

9. Roomba- This is a Mom MUST. Moms these days are hustling. We have a million things happening at any given moment. Who has time to vaccum?

10. Instantpot - Ain’t nobody got time to prep dinner 6-8 hours in advance! Goodbye slow cooker - hello Instantpot!

11. Rothys - Washable, made from recycled materials and REALLY comfortable. This is the shoe we’ve been wishing for!

12. LOU hat - Because every girl in Louisville has to have this hat.

13. Amazon Alexa - The timer and shopping list ability are reason enough for any Mom to buy her, but Alexa does so much more. Flash news briefings, music, reminders, easy ordering from Amazon (ex. “Alexa, buy more coffee”). She’s the personal assistant we have always wanted!

14. Edge luxe sneakers- Because, duh, they are beautiful.

15. Fit4Mom Gift Card - Give her what you already know she loves!

16. Capri Blue Candle - The only candle she will ever want again.

17. Enso Ring- Silicone wedding bands she won’t worry about damaging when working out, playing with the kids, etc.

18. Wand- She’s been wondering which one is best and this is it!

19. Manduka Mat - A F4MLou fave! This premium mat is a dream!

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20. Sherpa Cocoon Coat - Because baby it's cold outside!

21. Girl Wash Your Face - Life changing. If she hasn’t read this yet, she NEEDS to.

22. Jade roller - The new necessity in beauty.

23. Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier - Air Purifiers are BACK. And they are big. This one is a fan favorite and users boast better sleep, no more stuffy noses and noticable difference in the air quality. Every worrying Mama wants clean air for her family, and that’s why this product is the latest rage.

24. Out and About boot by Sorel - Because baby it’s snowing outside!

25. Echo Spot (Amazon alarm clock) - The days of using her phone as an alarm clock are over. This smart alarm clock has useful things like weather reports, smart home device control, and of course, telling the time, without including distractions like email, social media apps, or a web browser. We’re in!

26. Corvina Wine Tap - Does your girl ever want just a glass but doesn’t want to open a whole bottle? THIS is the solution.

27. Mojo Hydration Gift Card - Concierge IVs are the new Black. Whether she’s down with the flu or had a little too much fun at those holiday parties, she will NEED this service at some point. Be her hero and get this lined up now!

28. Vuori Pants- These legging loungers are soft as butter and perfect for cuddling up on those cold winter days. So comfy she will never want to change!

29. Tushy - Keep her so fresh and so clean, clean.

30. Slip Pillow Case - Anti aging, anti sleep crease, anti bed head. Need we say more?

31. Trader Joe's hand cream - Winter is here and that means dry, cracked and painful hands! She will love this non greasy, super moisturizer and you will love the price tag.

32. Reid Winter Boot by UGG - Why should her kids be the only ones with cute mocs? These are warm, soft and ADORBS.

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33. Corkcicle - Take it from us… THE BEST insulated thermos.

34. Quay Glasses - We love these inexpensive yet well made glasses. We know she will too!

35. Silicone Muffin Tins - She NEEDS this for her Body Back Muffin Cups.

36. Tina Tan - We know you’ve heard of her. Your girl loves her. Hook up a few tans from this lady and you’ll end up on the nice list.

37. All Birds - Simple, comfortable and made without synthetics. These shoes are a best seller for a reason. Made from mostly recycled products and sheep's wool, they are good for your feet and Mother Nature!

38. Brow Boy - All-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper. Yes, please!

39. Uncommon James Earrings - Simple yet elegant and will go perfect with her NYE plans!

40. Bandolier Cross Body Purse- Because all she wants to bring with her is her phone, anyway!

41. Retinol - A cult favorite! Retinol softens the signs of aging. She will wake up to smoother, more refined, and less congested looking skin every morning!

42. Louisville Stoneware - Every good Southern hostess needs a little Louisville Stonewear in her life.

43. A Night at the Omni- Errr maaahhh gawwwdddd….what every Mom needs. Just book it. Please. We promise she will be eternally grateful. *Louisville residents receive a discount!*

44. The Stacey by Ritual Antidotes - We are obsessed with this new line by Ritual Antidotes. Use the Stacey at night and wake up to the most beautifully moisturized skin you’ve had since you were in high school.

45. June Toaster Oven - The June is a do-it-all smart convection oven that makes cooking perfectly easy!