F4MLOU New Trends For 2022

Holiday Mini 2021

1. 90’s everything. That’s right, break out your old bucket hats and baggy pants. We saw the 90’s trends begin to reemerge in 2021 and they aren't going anywhere in the new year.

2. A return to community. Next year, the desire to connect authentically with the local community will be strong. Look for many businesses offering things like group rates or sign-up-with-a-friend deals.

3. HIIT + Strength Training. Keep on doin’ what you’re doing by attending our classes because F4MLOU is already on trend! These workouts are known to help prevent injury, strengthen bones, improve overall heart health and keep the calorie burn going all day long. They won’t be going anywhere as we head into a new year!

4. Very Peri. Pantone, a well known color trend forecaster, has announced their color of the year! Very Peri is a periwinkle blue with an undertone of a red violet. Pantone suggests that the shade “displays a spritely, joyous attitude and dynamic presence that encourages courageous creativity and imaginative expressions”. And we are here for it!

5. A focus on recovery. 2022 will bring a new concentration on self care. Healing the body and mind will be at the forefront this year. Reiki and energy healing will become more prevalent for healing the spirit and mind. Things like infrared saunas and cryotherapy will continue to emerge as the leaders of physical recovery and well being.