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F4mlou Faves: Fave ways to stay hydrated this summer (besides drinking water)

Spring Break 2021

  1. Don’t Overwash Your Face + Skin. Washing your skin too much can strip away essential oils leaving your skin even more dehydrated than when you began. It’s encouraged to keep your skin clean but no need to overdo it. Then, post cleanse always be sure to replace any moisture that was lost by using a trusted moisturizer.

  2. Watermelon. Keep slices on hand or add into a smoothie to blend! Made up of 92% water, this wonderful fruit is sure to give you an added boost of both hydration and nutrition.

  3. Soup! Obviously, since soup contains liquid it contributes to your body as a source of hydration. But want to know a little secret? Eating soups made with bone broth post workout can help replenish your body with the electrolytes you lost. A much better option rather than sugar filled sport drinks!

  4. Iceberg Lettuce. Although not much nutritional value, reaching for a head of lettuce is a simple way to boost daily hydration. Use it in place of bread or chop it up for a delicious salad instead!

  5. Cucumbers. Coming in at 95% water these beneficial rounds can make sneaking hydration throughout the day an easy task! Add them to sips or drinks or wherever you can.

  6. Celery. This crunchy green is fibrous and gives off quite the hydrating punch! Slice a few stalks and then use later for snacking!

  7. Avoid Salty Foods. Skip the salty fries and tortilla chips! Our bodies usually only need a small dose of salt which we can receive naturally in foods like fruits and veggies.

  8. Have a Cup of Tea. Flavored with herbs yet 100% water! Opt for herbal blends which tend to include the cleanest ingredients. Go ahead, steep and repeat!

  9. Coconut water. Think of it as the gatorade that isn’t toxic! Haha. Research has showed that coconut water restores hydration better than water and equal to high-electrolyte sports beverages. Nutrient dense, hydrating and delicious. Yes, please! Protip: check labels for added sugar!

  10. Drink a Smoothie. Choose fruits high in water content and use a base such as ice cubes, water or coconut water instead of sugary juices. The blend will create a win, win! Body Well Grads: Have you tried the Hydrating Smoothie yet? Find it on page 48 in the Repeater Recipe Guide!