F4mlou Faves_ Fave pandemic travel items.png

F4Mlou Faves: Fave Pandemic Travel Items

Spring Break 2021

  1. A Good Mask - If you are using public transportation for your next trip, the CDC requires that a proper face mask be worn - Not just any mask will do! Here is the guidance for which facemasks will pass the test. To be safe, a medical mask or kn95 are the best bets!

  2. Phone Soap - Forget about cleaning wipes and sanitize your entire phone while on the go with the first UV-C sanitizer and charger all in one.

  3. No Touch Door Opener + Key Fab - No more worrying how to open the door, use a public touch screen or enter your pin number. Keep those hands and fingertips clean with this handy tool!

  4. Hand Sanitizer Attachment - Easy to reach when running through airports or even for everyday use!

  5. Seat cover - Great for families, couples and round trips! Put your mind at ease by creating a safe barrier between you and your seat.

  6. Portable urinal - Avoid germ filled public restrooms on your long spring break road trip! It may sound gross but we are still in a pandemic!

  7. A Pen - Avoid shared used pens and sign your name like a boss.

  8. Resealable Zip Compostable Bags - Make an immediate impact towards eliminating toxic plastic waste while also staying safe and organized. Prevent cross contamination of masks or separate wet suits from dry. Whatever your need we know you’ll find a use!

  9. Fabric, Surface + Hand Disinfectant - Keep hands, surfaces and seats clean with this effective, all natural lavender aroma spray.

Air Sanitizing Spray- Have to use that public restroom or want to reduce airborne bacteria air of your rental house when you arrive? This air sanitizing spray is perfect for on the go protection!