2020 Wishlist for Kids.jpg


Holiday 2020

  1. Spin Brightz - Because accessories are life.

  2. Swing - We’ll take two! One for the kids and another for mom and dad (are there drink holders on there?)

  3. Drone - Let their imaginations fly high.

  4. Laser X Blaster - Indoor or outdoors they can choose! These fun light up blasters will keep them busy for more than just a few.

  5. Arrow Backpack - Impeccable quality and the perfect size to use as a day pack or for travel. There are so many pockets and dividers to keep everything organized! No more spilling out all over the place every time you open their backpack!

  6. Fat Brain Toyz Squigz Starter Set - These fun little suckers encourage creativity and sensory stimulation at the same time!

  7. Ladybug Garden - Not as warm and fuzzy as a four legged friend but still lots of fun to be had!

  8. Rockets of Awesome Subscription - We like to think of this as a personal shopper for the kids.

  9. Writing Tablet - Seems so simple but our kids literally fight over this little tablet! Bonus: No more disappearing printer paper for you!

  10. Wooden Marble Run - Let those inquisitive minds flow.

  11. 101 Awesome Women Who Changed Our World - To remind them that they too can change the world.

  12. Jellyfish Lamp - Bring the majestic wonders of the ocean into their room!