F4M Lou's Fave Mama Breaks


Our Fave Mama Breaks

Now, more than ever, it’s important to engage in self care. Those little things that we used to write off as “not a priority” or that we told ourselves we didn’t have time for... those are the things that need to happen now.

Here are our fave ways for you to give yourself those much needed Mama Breaks during quarantine. Commit to at least 3 per day to help you stay grounded during this challenging time.


We’ve repeatedly been told how important stretching is, but do you believe it? If not you should! From improved posture, stress relief, boosts of energy and flexibility (think Susan flexible), there’s no reason not to. When you find that patients are running thin, take a few minutes to reset with a stretch. Here are a few oldies but goodies to get you started!


Close the office door or set the kids up with something to do so you can literally, just breathe. Meditative breathing is known to provide calmness, stillness, patience, self control and much more. Take the time you need and when you’re ready, press on with the day. If you’d like some guidance, check out Headspace. It is an app offering free meditations during the COVID-19 crisis.


A favored and holistic way of using natural plant extracts while promoting health and well-being, most popularly used through sense of smell and skin absorption. There are many ways to use it and aromas to choose from but we encourage you to explore what types work best for you. Not sure where to begin? Stop by Omagi Salon in The Paddock for an array of aromatic choices including one of our favorites, Stress Fix. During the COVID-19 crisis they are offering curbside pickup Thursday through Saturday, noon to 8:00PM. Give them a call and they'll have your products ready for you!

Get Outside

Just because we need to stay home right now doesn’t mean that we are locked in. When you’re feeling blue, the kids are fighting or you can’t seem to make anyone in your house happy, step outside. Aside from getting a dose of Vitamin D, there’s something therapeutic about being in the outdoors. Not only that but we hear it’s actually an immunity booster, too! If you are able to go on a walk and have an interest in tracking your route and viewing stats such as pace, speed and more, upload Map My Walk before you go.

Make a Healthy Snack

What you choose to put in your body affects how you feel and how you feel plays an important role in your mood! When you fuel up with healthy eats you’ll not only keep your metabolism in check but you’ll walk away feeling in control and guilt free, too. Check out FIT4MOM’s blog for fresh spring snack ideas!

Practice Gratitude

While this takes a bit of consistency to form into a habit it’ll soon become one of your favorite daily routines. Each morning list three things you are grateful for. Keep them posted where you will see them often, such as your kitchen or on the wall of your office. When you find yourself having a tough moment, having simple reminders of gratitude can help put things into perspective. Gift yourself with a new sticky pad, here!

Take a Shower

Yep. We said it. You don’t even have to smell. And since most of us are working from home and/or are homeschooling these days (thanks to COVID-19) we will most likely find ourselves stressing at one time or another. Whatever amount of time you have, give it a try. Warm showers can ease tense muscles while cooler showers can help increase circulation and speed up muscle recovery… which is much needed from all of those virtual classes! Pretend you’re at the spa by adding a few drops of lavender or citrus oil for an aromatic experience.

Treat Your Skin

Stress can leave our skin feeling inflamed and prone to flare ups which isn’t exactly that fresh and dewy look we had in mind. After a long day of conference calls and fulfilling requests made by the littles try one of these DIY oatmeal masks to calm your nerves. Zen vibes, revived skin and a little time for yourself, too.