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F4M Lou's 0-3 Year Gift List

1. Pottery Barn Baby Bath Wraps- Warm and cuddly, oh my!

2. Cool Beans Stretchy Baby Car Seat Canopy & Nursing Cover- Stylish yet functional.

3. MIU Waterproof Outdoor Foldable Blanket- A Stroller Strides staple that EVERY mom needs.

4. Kids Bath Collection by Beauty Counter- Safe suds for your little nugget.

5. Little Giraffe Chenille Blanket- Threads so soft it’ll make those sweet cuddles even cozier.

6. Baby Shoosher- Let the “shooshes” save the day.

7. Parker Baby Diaper Backpack- Totally stylin’ AND functioning.

8. Cuddle and Kind Hand Knit Dolls- With every purchase you will be helping to feed a child in need. Why not give back a lil’ while giving this season.

9. Heartland Music Classes- A F4M Lou Mom approved class and favorite!

10. Kickee Pants- #allthemoms are obsessing over these! Every little needs a pair.

  • 0-3 mo. Gift List.png