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Holiday Mini 2018

Part of our mission here at Fit4Mom Lou is to ensure that every woman will know what empowerment feels like. To know that they can conquor anything that the day is going to throw at them. Whether it be a huge presentation at work, asking for a raise or handling those terrible 2's, we want our Moms to be a little bit stronger and a little bit more confident.

And because of you, F4M Louisville is helping women to feel just that. The feeling of empowerment comes from each of you, the Village. Cheering each other on during classes, building one another up when someone is going through something tough and simply just making one another feel welcomed at Every. Single. Class. We see Our Village empowering one another each and every single day, in one way or another. That is part of what makes loving this Village so easy to do!

Each of you has the power inside to not only BE empowered, but to EMPOWER someone else. Don't ever doubt that. Here is what some of your fellow mamas have to say about being empowered...

"I recently used this word to describe to my girls how it feels post Body Back when you no longer crave those foods you used to love- like ice cream and candy, etc... It's empowering to turn down those foods and truly not want them!" - Carla Walker

"Empowered means to me using the tools you have to not only support your fellow mama but to uplift them, as well. Showing strength through kindness." - Carlee Kern

"Empowerment means you now have the courage to make the best decision for you and your family, you don’t have to let someone else’s idea of your life define you!" - Natalie Robertson