Bounce With Your Boo! <3

It's February.... the month of Loooove! While we typically keep things all about the #momlife here, we know you wear lots of other hats. So, this month we're going to focus on your grown up relationships! :)

February 14th is right around the corner. So, what do you have planned for Valentine's Day? Everyone needs a good date night now and then. February is a month when you really have no excuse to skip out on planning some solo time with your significant other!

If fighting the Louisville crowds for dinner reservations doesn't sound appealing, why not try something TOTALLY out of the typical Valentine's box? Not only would a date at House of Boom be something fun and different but we can think of THREE major advantages to this plan:

1 - You can dress casually AND comfortably!

2 - You won't feel so bad about consuming V-day sweets because you'll be bouncing off some of those calories.

3 - We already took the guess work out of it! Date night decision = DONE!

FYI - House of Boom is open from 9:00 AM - 9:00 PM on February 14th! If you wait for the weekend, you can bounce from 9:00 AM until Midnight. Feel free to share this post with your Valentine.