Before You Go To Do List

Spring Break 2019

We know you're busy handling #allthethings before your vacation, Mama. So here is a list of a few reminders of things that may slip your mind!

1. Stop the mail.

Not only will it trick the bad guys into thinking you are home but it's a super quick and easy to do task! With a few quick clicks, your mail will be held until you say go!

2. Unplug.

We're talking about anything with a plug! Think small electronics, modems/ routers, appliances of all sizes and small clocks with an LED light that are in the "off" position. Even those use a small amount of energy when connected. Unplugging will not only help you save on your bill but could help protect your Wi-Fi from being hacked into, too!

3. Set alarms.

Punch in those codes or ask Siri to do it! It's that easy.

4. Empty the trash.

Coming home to what smells like a dumpster is LESS than ideal. While you're wrapping up some last minute packing, ask the hubby to take a lap around the house to empty all of the trash cans. He'll thank you later.

5. Turn down the temp.

Unless your fur babies will be staying home while you're away, there's no need for the AC to be on blast. Turn up the temp and enjoy some electric bill savings!

6. Empty the washing machine.

Remember that one time you had full intentions of doing #allthelaundry but the craziness of the day took over and you forgot to move that one load from the washer to dryer? Yeah. Us too! And we also remember the lovely mildewed aroma that went with it! Empty those washing machines before you leave!

7. Put the water heater on vacation mode.

The last thing you want to come home to is an unexpected lake in the basement. Setting your water heater to "vacation mode" before leaving can limit damage in the event of a leak from the tank. Once you return with that beautiful glowing tan, give it about an hour to heat up and you'll be back in business!

8. Leave a light on.

Burglars are less likely to tamper with a home that appears to have humans inside. Connect a Smart Plug that will allow you to turn on and off a light while you're in vacay mode or, just leave one on!

9. Book a pet sitter.

We recommend reaching out to a neighbor or local pet sitter that you trust 4- 6 weeks before your trip. This way you aren't scrambling last minute to make sure your #1 love is in good hands while you are away.

10. Check all prescriptions.

The last thing you want to do while on vacation is run around looking for a 24 hour pharmacy. Check all of those daily meds before zipping up your luggage to make sure you won't be left in a panic!