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Beach Vacay Packing List

Spring Break 2019

1. FIT4MOM Tote- Fold it or load it!

2. Surface SPF 40 Face Stick- Just say NO to wrinkles. Protect your skin with a tint!

3. YETI Colster- Sip in style.

4. Rainbow Sandals- Bring out your inner surfer chick. These are a must for any beach vacay.

5. Beautycounter Rose Water Spray - Cooling, refreshing & moisturizing! This spray is exactly what your skin needs for a mid day beach pick me up!

6. MPow Waterproof Case- Because we know you’ll be taking #alltheselfies.

7. UE Boom Speaker - Music makes everything more fun.

8. Beach Tent - Perfect for giving your itty bitty ones a place to nap, snack, play games or just escape the sun.

9. Kids Beach Chair- We love these chair for eating lunch at the beach and we even bring them along to soccer games back at home to give our kiddos a break from the sun.

10. Collapsible Beach Wagon - We know you've got plenty to haul - this beach wagon will give the hubs back a break. ;)