Bathing Suits For Every Body

Spring Break 2021

Fun in the sun is finally coming, Kentucky! Spring break, beach vacays and summer days at the pool are all within sight. So if you don’t already have a favorite swimsuit picked out to wear this year it’s time to start shopping! We’ve always wished for a simple guide before beginning our own search, so we thought we’d come up with one for you. Here is a concise breakdown of how to find a suit that gives you the two essentials: comfort and confidence.

But before diving in here is a heads up that we will be using words and terms that women actually use to describe their bodies, instead of old school body shape categories. We won’t be referring to your body as an apple, pear or oval because every body is uniquely made. If you’re comfortable with the words tatas and booty get ready for more as this is not your Mom’s bathing suit guide! Our hope is that we lend a helpful hand in directing you to finding the suit that makes you feel your best!

“Body confidence does not come from trying to achieve the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you have.” - unknown

Smaller Chest. Lucky you! Because you have a smaller chest you can rock almost any style without needing to worry about your tatas slipping, sliding, or popping out of places they aren’t supposed to! If you’re looking to enhance your chest then ruffles, textured options, bold colors, prints and embellishments are all great options for creating the illusion of larger breasts. There’s also underwire (for an added lift), light padding or the option of a deep V neckline that can help too. Or how about a bandeau top? Because smaller breasts don’t require as much support, you could even opt for strapless!

Larger Bust. For the ladies with a larger bust we recommend honing in on tops labelled with a cup size and including underwire to help keep the girls in place and looking their best! Most bathing suit tops that come in a size S, M or L usually lack structure and may not leave you feeling very supported or comfortable. Set your sights on a halter, scoop neck, criss-cross wrap or lined with a peek-a-boo top that will give you adjustable support and shape! What we love most about criss crossed wraps is that they allow for a personalized fit so we can create as much support as we need.

Broad Shoulders. First of all... Rock those strong shoulders tall and proud! To compliment your strength while appearing balanced and confident try experimenting with color, color blocks and prints! Opt for a solid colored suit in a lighter shaded hue or an asymmetrical top with a linear pattern or print. Wearing a linear print can give the illusion of length! The key to sizing what is right for your shoulders is by playing with a top that has an adjustable back and neck. This style will allow you to customize your suit however feels best!

Flat Booty. How about a non surgical lift?! A smaller cut bottom may sound intimidating at first but can actually provide the appearance of a larger butt. Try a cheeky boy short, brazilian cut or a bottom with ties on the sides. Ties on the side will take attention off of the rear and more onto what’s happening on the sides. And for those droopy booties... Find a high waisted style which can elongate and lift! Whatever style you choose, look for bright colors or loud prints to give that booty a bold look. Our advice? Your body is amazing! Go ahead and show a little cheek!

Big Booty. So you have an ample butt. No need to hide it, rock it! You’ll want to find a suit with enough fabric so you aren’t feeling uncomfortable or constantly tugging. No one wants to be picking her wedgie at the baby pool. So skip those smaller cuts (unless those are what make you feel your best!) and opt for ones with more coverage, an adjustable bottom or even pair a solid bottom with a printed top. Never be afraid to mix and match, there are no rules! Discover what feels best on your booty and go for it!

Athletic Bod. The goal here will be to give the appearance of curves. You’ll want to stay away from straight lined bandeaus, solid colors and boy cut shorts. This can easily be done by going for details like a twisted or gathered top, girlie prints and even adding some bright colors! For the top, opt for triangle and halter tops to assist in giving the illusion of curves.

Short Torso. Choose a bikini bottom to elongate the torso and pair it with a top to lift your bust line. If you’re searching for a two piece, look for one with a low-rise bottom and a halter top with straps to draw attention towards your neck. One piece suits can also be a surprisingly great choice for adding length. Elongate your body by choosing a print with vertical stripes! Another great option is a feminine one-shouldered suit that will draw the eye up and over to create a longer look. Any of these options are sophisticated and sleek!

Full Thighs. Let’s talk fabric. Most suits are made from quick-drying synthetic fabrics (like nylon or polyester) and elastic materials (like spandex). But for those with larger thighs comfort will be more easily achieved by choosing a suit made with a higher percentage of stretchable elastic fabrics (such as spandex or elastane), rather than those that squeeze. In addition, consider a high-cut leg in a bathing suit. This type of style will be less restrictive and allow for more leg room. Another feature to look for is adjustable lace ups so you are able to personalize your fit. This will enable you to tighten what you please yet release any squeeze.

Tummy Control. Whether you prefer full coverage or to accentuate sexy curves there are many options of suits to choose from. If it’s a one piece you're after, look for choices with ruching, mesh panels, vertical stripes or even add some sass with a plunging neckline to show off your assets up top! You can even find suits with tummy control built in (both in one-pieces or two) and there are some that come with the option of adjustable zip-fronts. If your goal is to show a little skin but still prefer added control at the same time, opt for a high-waisted bikini bottom. Alternatively, there are also some really cute tankini tops to choose from too!

Regardless of style or print we want to encourage you to take the time to find at least one swimsuit this year that feels comfortable to wear and brings out confidence from within. You’ve worked so hard, your body has done amazing things and you deserve to feel your best! So for our last tip we suggest carving out a day to go bathing suit shopping with a friend. Sometimes your bestie is the reminder you need that you are beautiful and perfect exactly the way you are.

So go ahead! Accentuate your best features and make a big splash this summer!