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5 Ways to Spread Holiday Cheer

Holiday Mini 2022

The holiday season is often thought of as a time that brings about warmth, memorable traditions, laughter and time well spent with family and friends. Yet, for some, this is not always the case. Many people experience an influx of stress due to the hustle and bustle of extra shopping, crowded lines and overcommitting. Others may be feeling down due to lack of daylight or spending the holidays without a family member for the very first time.

We encourage you to take extra care to check on your family, friends and loved ones during this holiday season. And if you, yourself, aren’t feeling very jolly, we also want you to reach out and talk to someone about it.

We are all stretched thin this time of year and while we may not be able to take everyone's worries away, we can do small things to try to brighten someone's day. Here’s a few simple ideas to make (at least a few) spirits bright.

  1. Make an Angel Tree Donation. The heart delights in giving, not receiving. The salvation army has partnered with Walmart to make giving to those in need easier than ever. Click here to make a local child’s holiday wish come true.

  2. Leave a big tip. Restaurant staff have been hit especially hard during the pandemic. Consider leaving a larger than usual tip this season. You never know what an impact it might have.

  3. Cook a homemade meal for someone. As mothers we know that a homemade meal in itself can be a labor of love. Pass that showing of love off to someone who may need a little extra during the holidays.

  4. Pay for the coffee of the person behind you. It’s the smallest and most well known act of kindness. It’s also an act that has been known to set off a chain reaction. So next time you're in that coffee line, try sparking a little happiness!

  5. Volunteer - Louisville has lots of wonderful places to volunteer, especially during the holidays. Check out this list for some opportunities near you