Mom of the Month - Whitney Cook

Meet Whitney Cook, our November Mom of the Month. Whitney is wifey to Greg and mama to Addison (10), Thatcher (8) , Leighton (4) and fur baby Scout. Whitney is a full time mama with many tricks up her sleeve- she is a former underwriter and nurse and can even fly a plane! Whitney has been through several rounds of body well and was one of our first well between mamas! She has lost over 70 pounds since joining Fit4Mom!

“Anytime I see Whitney’s name on my class roster, I get really excited. She is like having a wing woman in class. She gives it her all every single time. Her energy is infectious. Whitney is the first one you’ll hear offering an encouraging word or hyping up someone else when the workout is getting tough! I’ve been lucky enough to coach Whitney through four different rounds of Body Well and she’s just one of those people that no matter what group she’s in, she becomes an integral piece of everyone’s experience. I’ve told her many times that her kind heart is the reason sooo many ladies found their way to this village. The #whitneyrippleeffect is REAL. “ - Katie Johnson, Body Well Coach

Whitney, we are SO glad you are part of our village! We love you mama!!

Hometown: Ridgefield, CT

Tell us about your family. I imported my husband, Greg, from Montreal and we have three crazy kiddos...Addison (10), Thatcher (8) and Leighton (4 going on 40!). Oh, and can't forget our black lab, Scout!

Current/previous career. I'm currently CEO of the Cook household and formerly worked as a Senior Underwriter for a Risk Retention Group (Insurance). I'm also an RN...because, you never know when that might come in handy!

What was your childhood ambition? To travel the world learning as many languages as possible! I liked to spin the globe in our kitchen, drop my finger on a spot and run to the encyclopedia (yes, the old school book version!) to learn more about the locale.

What does motherhood mean to you? Wow, where to begin...exhaustion, grace, frantic calls to mom, deep breaths, wine, village, kitchen dance parties, singing Frozen (the first movie NOT the second one, mom <insert eye roll>) at the top of your lungs, loud....SO.MUCH.LOUD..."I love you to infinity, no backies" declarations, pillow + blanket forts for DAYS, crazy cousin adventures, nerf darts and legos which will be the DEATH of me, tickle monster sessions, loving my kiddos for who they are becoming, not who I anticipated they would be.

What is the furthest you have been away from home? 7 months studying abroad in Madrid and a honeymoon in New Zealand.

How did you find FIT4MOM? Brittany Asher! She's gently convincing in a non-stalker kind of way...the intro went something like this: "You'll LOVE it...well, honestly, first you'll hate me but then you'll thank me"...truer words have never been spoken! I initially questioned her sanity for paying people to inflict torture but now I genuinely cannot live without you guys!

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? Over the last year I've immersed myself in the Body Well program...With the help of two of the most exceptional coaches, Elizabeth and KJ, countless instructors and incredible friends, I lost 70lbs...While that loss is significant, the gains have been overwhelmingly moreso... a village of women who listen, support and cheer for one another, a sustainable healthy lifestyle for myself and my family, an understanding of what foods work best for my body and, while I could never envision myself EVER saying this, a craving for exercise! Body Well has literally transformed my life!

Favorite exercise. Sprinter crunches...and yes, Susan, I'm prepared for their appearance in your next Boost class!

Proudest moment. Achieving a 70lb weight loss and realizing, in the end, it truly was not at all about the numbers (ok, you're right, KJ)! It feels SO.DAMN.GOOD to be STRONG!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us. I can fly a low wing Piper Warrior airplane!

Favorite virtual class. Susan's Power Flow

Quick 5 with the Kids:

How old is mommy?

Addison: 42

Thatcher: 42

Leighton: 20

What is something mom always says to you?

Addison: Stay in your lane!

Thatcher: I love you to infinity, no backsies!

Leighton: Go potty!

What is mom really good at?

Addison: Being in charge of things

Thatcher: Buying stuff

Leighton: Yoga

What is mom's favorite thing to do?

Addison: Hike

Thatcher: Cook

Leighton: Golf (we clearly need to revisit sports as I don't play!)

What makes you proud of your mom?

Addison: Doing her workouts

Thatcher: She makes me smile

Leighton: Swimming with me at the pool