Mom of the Month - Rebecca Wade

Meet Rebecca, one of our Moms of the Month! Rebecca is wife to Landon and mom to three sweet girls... Ava, Claire and Norah.

Rebecca is a former teacher and now stays home full time. While at home, she also instructs Stroller Strides and most recently our very popular virtual ONE classes as well! While F4MLou needed to become a temporary virtual community during the pandemic, Rebecca and her girls have also hosted some very fun kid workouts for us too! We can always count on Rebecca to show up smiling and encouraging everyone around her. Her amazing sense of humor also keeps us laughing which we absolutely LOVE about her.

Rebecca, we love you and this village would not be the same without you!

Hometown: Louisville

Tell us about your family: My husband and I have been married for 15 years. We have 3 girls...Ava is 12 (Lord help me), Claire is 9, and our cherry on top, Norah is 3. We also have a very patient dog, Piper.

Current/Previous career: I was a teacher for 8 years in Ohio (Kindergarten, first grade and fifth). When we moved here, I was a substitute teacher. Then made the decision to stay home when we had Norah in 2016.

What was your childhood ambition? I always wanted to be a teacher.

What does motherhood mean to you? Wow, this is a tough one. Motherhood is the hardest, most important job I've ever had. It is so rewarding and yet not at the same time. Motherhood is trying to raise these girls to be independent (yet ask for help), strong (but nurturing), respectful and kind (but not a pushover). It is putting someone else's needs ahead of your own and not even giving it a second thought.

What is the furthest you have been away from home? I lived in South Korea for a summer in college. A friend of mine, who was from South Korea, and myself did a mission trip there and then we stayed with her family for the rest of the time.

How did you find FIT4MOM? Brittany Littles (a F4MLou mama) was Ava and Claire's kindergarten teacher. She knew that we moved from Ohio, and finding mom friends is so hard when you stay home. She invited me to my first class in the summer of 2017, and I fell in love with it.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? It is how I found friends...hahaha. I am not sure what I would do without Fit4Mom. It was always important to me, but during these times, it became even more important to me. I remember my first virtual Strides class that I taught during the quarantine through Zoom. I cried in the beginning for a few minutes while telling everyone announcements and things going on in Fit4Mom world. I cried because while the whole world was shutting down, Fit4Mom was still going strong... connecting us in classes (not pre-recorded, but live, I could actually see my friends working out with me), playdates galore (I couldn't even find time for all of them) MNOs, I mean, Fit4Mom was MY CONSTANT, my stabilizer, my sanity keeper.

Favorite exercise: Anything arms! Bicep curl w/ an overhead press is always a fave.

Proudest moment: I don't have one proudest moment. I would have to say that ANY time someone tells me how kind my girls are (especially the older ones when they aren't with me).

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: I come from a big family... the baby of 7, and Norah (my youngest) is the baby of 25 grandkids.

Your favorite virtual class: My favorite virtual class has been the ONE class. It is a great way to get that workout in if you missed in the morning but will have things going on in the evening. A great mid-day sweat sesh, stress reliever.

Quick 5 with the Wade Girls...

How old is mommy? Ava: 37 Claire: You tell us you will always be 30. Norah: 2

What is something mom always says to you? Ava: Be kind Claire: You are special Norah: I love you

What is mom really good at? Ava: Tik Tok (hahaha). Claire: Being patient. Norah: playing

What is mom's favorite thing to do? Ava: Go to Girls Nights with your sisters and Mawmoe (what she calls my mom). Claire: Working Out Norah: Working out

What makes you proud of your mom? Ava: You are nice and make people feel special. Claire: You are nice Norah: You are so strong