Mom of the Month - Nicole Dattilo

The pandemic has brought all of us unique challenges. One of those was finding the time and space to work out. Another was forming new friendships...which brings me to our Mom of the Month. Nicole and I are friends, we see each other nightly, but we've actually never met. Nicole started joining Fit4Mom Lou in October 2020 and has done it all - Body Well, Strides, BOOST, the list goes on. Her determination is admirable, her kindness is unwavering, and her smile is contagious. Thanks for being a part of this village Nicole! - Meredith

Hometown: Perryville, KY (a two-stoplight teeny tiny town outside of Danville, Centre College area). I moved to Louisville while attending college at Bellarmine in 2003.

Tell us about your family: Met and fell in love with my hubby Daniel while working part time at O'Charley's way back in 2005. We have two super sweet silly boys: Logan, who's 5, and Miles, who's almost 2.

Current career: I've been a Respiratory Therapist at Norton Children's Hospital for 8 years. I work primarily in PICU and NICU helping our most critical patients breathe easier by giving treatments, suctioning, performing lung expansion therapies, setting up/running ventilators, bipaps and other oxygen delivery systems, etc. We see A LOT of difficult, heavy stuff. But I'm always honored to help kiddos and their families through those hard times and, hopefully, help get them better so they are able to go home!

What was your childhood ambition: For years I wanted to be a Meteorologist! I've always been a weather nerd but hate public speaking unfortunately!

What does motherhood mean to you: My Mom and I didn't always have the best relationship. She had me at a young age and she worked a lot, my Dad was never in the picture, so my grandparents raised me. I always did my best to make my family proud... yet I still had this feeling of never being "good enough" as I've struggled to find and maintain confidence over my life. Over the last few years my Mom and I have worked hard to repair that bond we lost out on. We have learned so much from and about each other, supported one another in tough times and grown from our mistakes in the past... and best of all she's a great Momo to her sweet boys. And we all want our kids to grow up with confidence in themselves! My top priority as a mother is to make sure my boys know on a daily (and downright annoying) basis just how much I love them. That they can always discuss their thoughts and feelings with me openly and without judgement, even if we may disagree. And that I am proud of who they are and will always be there to support them as best I can.

What is the furthest you have been away from home: Alaska. We went on a 7 day cruise there in 2012... it was so beautiful, the photos we took don't even do it justice. We also got to spend time with friends who had recently moved to Juneau which was an added plus!

How did you find F4M: My girl Jessica Vanhoose and I work together at the hospital and were pregnant at the same time with our second babies. She had started F4M recently, loved it and knew that I wanted to get in shape and that I was tired of being tired all the time, so she invited me to Bring a Friend during BW with the amazing Elizabeth Steinert. I was hooked! Completed two sessions with her, did numerous virtual and live classes through the One membership and about to start my first Mini Session and third BW session in January!

How has F4M changed your life: This group came along at such a pivotal moment in my life. My Granny had just passed, I gave birth to my second son and then Covid hit. Then my oldest was diagnosed high functioning ASD that summer and my anxiety was at an all time high. I was struggling in so many ways... mentally, physically, emotionally... I had no idea who I was anymore and was just completely exhausted all the time. Once I started Body Well with Elizabeth, my stamina increased, my anxiety decreased, I was staying hydrated for once in my life. (Oh so important!) I was doing things that I'd never done before or even thought possible. I was learning to FINALLY trust the body that I'd always struggled to have confidence in. I've been able to be vulnerable in our group sessions in a way I haven't before because the other women are always understanding and most of all.... Uplifting. I've learned so much in one year about encouragement, mindfulness, determination and positivity... it just takes your overall fitness to a whole new amazing level! #morethanaworkout

Favorite exercise: I loooove CURTSEY LUNGES!!! Gimme all the curtseys!!! Also enjoy woodchoppers, squats, deadlifts or anything that helps my balance/core strength, plank jacks, mountain climbers.

Proudest moment: Finishing my second BW session and seeing the photos of my progress over the months. I would have never thought I could do it before, but I DID that! Also, holding a wall plank at Virtual Boost with Elizabeth a few weeks ago had me pretty excited too!

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: My very first job was a party clown at the local skating rink back home. Full-on suit, makeup and all. Look... it was the only place hiring 14 year olds and I was saving $ for my first car people!

Favorite virtual class: I can't pick one but I usually do the evening triple threat each week: Monday Cardio Express, Tuesday Boost, Wednesday LI50. I love that each class serves a different purpose so I get a variety of workouts!

Just for the holidays:

Least favorite holiday side dish: Sweet potatoes with the marshmallows on top - give me some real sweet potato casserole with the nutty brown sugar stuff on top!

What decorations for my ideal ugly holiday sweater: Sparkly fringe, jingle bells, big bulb lights, rhinestones and a Christmas cactus.

Settle the debate... peppermint or eggnog: I like both, but Evan Williams eggnog hits the spot during the holidays!

Quick 5 with the kids:

(Logan answered all of these because Miles can only say "Dis" (this), "Wow", "Apple", and "Yes")

How old is Mama? *starts counting up from my feet measuring increments with his hand* "Maybe 10 years old, that's REAAAALLY BIG!"

What is something Mama always says to you?

"When I finish (drawing) my pictures, you say 'good job!' "

What is Mom really good at? "Dancing." (um, that's debatable )

What is Mom's favorite thing to do? "Read to me and play with me."

What makes you proud of your Mom? "When you do a good job at workouts. But I'm not very good at workouts."