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Mom of the Month - Meredith Cull

Meet Meredith, our Mom of the Month! Meredith is wifey to Zach and Mom to Calvin (6.5) and Ruby (3.5). Meredith has been involved with Fit4Mom since the beginning. She began with Strides and is now a dedicated Boost member. Most evenings you can find her kicking booty at either our Middletown Jazzercise or Crestwood Boost locations. Meredith is also an amazing teacher and great friend.

Meredith, you are one of the strongest mama's we know and we are so grateful to have you in Our Village!! We love you mama!!

Hometown: Louisville, KY

Tell us about your family: I married my husband, Zach, in 2010. He is from Cleveland and is an engineer at GE. My kids are Calvin (6.5 years old) and Ruby (3.5 years old). We have two Jack Russells named Lucy and Waldo.

Current/Previous Career: I've been a teacher for over 12 years. I am certified to teach science in grades 5-12 and currently teach two upper level courses (biology and physics), while tutoring high school kiddos at night. In addition to this, I currently teach junior kindergarten.

What was your childhood ambition? Anything to do with animals. I volunteered at the Zoo and Humane Society for years. I worked with everything including the gorillas, tapirs, anaconda, and cuban crocodiles.

What does motherhood mean to you? Selflessness and thoughtfulness.

What is the furthest you have been away from home? Italy or Hawaii.

How did you find FIT4MOM? We got new neighbors on our court and they just so happened to be the Yared's! Jess asked me to come along one morning to a Stroller Strides class. I fell out of the rhythm of attending while getting pregnant and raising my second child, but came back in 2018 to BOOST.

How has FIT4MOM changed your life? I had a life-altering medical diagnosis last year and needed life-saving surgery. It was totally unexpected and very difficult. FIT4MOM has stood by me through it all and provided me with the support I desperately needed. I am eternally grateful and have made forever friends.

Favorite Exercise: I enjoy a good combination of exercises, which is probably why I love BOOST so much.

Proudest moment: My last "all clear" body scan and raising my kids.

Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: In college (UK) I was a "Division I Athlete". I competed on the Dairy Cattle Judging team and was 17th in the nation at one point. I'm a lot of fun to take to the state fair.

Quick 5: Answered by Calvin (6.5) and Ruby (3.5)

How old is mommy? Calvin: 34 Ruby: 95 (for the record I’m 34 not 95)

What is something mom always says to you? Calvin: "I don't know, you just say normal things to me."; Ruby: “No touching!”

What is mom really good at? Calvin: "Exercise"; Ruby: “Working.”

What is mom's favorite thing to do? Calvin: "Play with me!"; Ruby: “Hug us!”

What makes you proud of your mom? Calvin: "For her working hard"; Ruby: “For being my mom.”