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Mom of the Month- March

Meet Jennifer...

We got to meet Jennifer and her sweet little, Sawaya (9 months old) this past fall and we absolutely LOVE having them around. Jennifer is wife to Aaron and LUCKY step mom to 8 year old Blake, who we have also gotten to know and enjoy! Jennifer does an awesome job at pushing herself during classes and always does it with a smile and a few jokes to keep us ALL smiling! We love having them in OUR VILLAGE!

1. What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? Getting to know other moms and babies/big kids! If it wasn't for the group I wouldn't ever workout!

2. What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Lol Well....I enjoy attending but I really don't have a favorite! I would say working my jaws because I enjoy talking!

3.What is your fave part about being a mom? Open mouth kisses and unconditional love!!

4. Favorite thing to do when Sawaya is napping? Take a minute to breathe! Hahaha Take a nap if I'm lucky!

5. What is your fave thing to do as a family? We like to spend time outside when it's nice.

6. What is something about you that someone may not know? I can throw a football with the guys and keep up!

7. What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? Healthy food is vegetables of all sorts, especially a salad with EVERYTHING in it!! Unhealthy is nachos with lots of toppings!

8.What is your fave color? Red

9. What is your favorite song or artist? Hmmm this is a hard one...I like all music so no favorite. I did love the song Rude by MAGIC!

10. What TV show(s) are you currently watching? Grey's Anatomy