Mom of the Month - Katie Boyd

If you’re feeling lucky, chances are you’ve worked out alongside our March Mom of the Month. Her name is Katie Boyd and she’s run the gamut of Fit4Mom Louisville offerings. She started off her journey with Fit4Baby in 2017 and is now an active ONE member. Thank you Katie - we feel so fortunate for you and your being an integral member of F4M Lou!

· Hometown: Louisville, KY

· Tell us about your family: I am the oldest of six kids with an amazing, huge, blended family. We are a large, crazy, Italian & Hungarian bunch that consider each other our best friends. Family is everything to me and I think it is single handedly what keeps me sane and grounded on a daily basis, and also pushes me to strive for more. I have incredible examples around me each and every day and hope that I can pass that along to my 2 sons, Sawyer (4) and Webb (16 months) that I share with my husband of 11 years, Beau.

· Current/Previous career: I have worked for GE Appliances since I graduated from UK in 2007. I have spent time in sales, marketing, operations, merchandising, and am currently our Director, Inside Sales – Contract where I have the honor of leading a team of 26 incredible sales professionals serving our contract builder segment.

· What was your childhood ambition?: I grew up in a family of doctors so always wanted to be a doctor…until I finished my second semester of Chemistry. I then realized my strengths and ambitions lied elsewhere.

· What does motherhood mean to you?: Motherhood is the greatest privilege and hardest job there is. It gives me a sense of purpose I never knew existed, challenges me in ways I never knew I needed, and brings more joy to my life and my heart than I never knew I had space for. The number of times I just look at my boys and my heart wants to explode with joy and pride are too many to count and their smiles and giggles give me perspective on the tough days. Sure they make me crazy, but how you show up in the crazy and how you respond is half the battle. I've learned more from them than any book, class, or situation I've ever been presented with in my life. It's so true what they say, it goes so fast!

· What is the furthest you have been away from home?: Beau and I lived out west for 6 years, 5 of those in Scottsdale, AZ and a year in Southern California. It was glorious, but we were so excited to get home to KY to start our family. Like I mentioned, I have Italian heritage and I was lucky enough to get to spend time in Italy after I graduated from UK!

· Proudest moment: Birth of my boys for sure. Its incredible and freaky what your body does for you in that process and how it instantaneously changes life as you know it!

· Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: I have webbed toes…TMI?

· How did you find FIT4MOM?: It's been so long, BUT I think it was facebook as I was seeking out ways to stay fit and healthy and during my first pregnancy and I started with Fit4Baby in 2017 with Carla!

· How has FIT4MOM changed your life?: How long does everyone have? It’s so much more than fitness, and even more than a lifestyle change. These women are now my best friends, where I go when I'm losing control, where I turn when I need perspective, who I choose to spend my time with day in and day out, the ones that make me laugh the hardest and hold me up when I cry, and the greatest gifts that have been given to me in my adult life. I'd be lost without them. I say this all the time, “Friendships in your adult life just hit differently”. There is a bond that is formed through this unbelievable community that truly can't be broken. It’s a sense of belonging, confidence, and reality that can't be matched and I will be forever grateful for what it has given me. Being 40 lbs lighter since the birth of Webb isn’t so bad either, though.

· You’ve completed multiple FIT4BABY and BODY WELL sessions. Why do you think someone should consider completing a session?: It can be tough to try and tackle pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood. You often feel alone or misunderstood. These programs provide a safe space to be able to be authentically yourself, learn about your body and how certain things impact it, and it provides all of the things I mentioned above, in addition to giving you a sustainable process to follow to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy. Also, why NOT?!?!

· Favorite exercise: Pick-ups and kettlebell swings!

· Favorite virtual class: Cardio Express or F45!

March questions:

  • If you had to decorate a Mardi Gras float, what would be your theme?: Ted Lasso!! Soccer goals, biscuits, and beards galore!! I was a soccer player my whole life and I love that that show has brought soccer into the mainstream and brought joy into people’s homes, provided a dose of reality, and provided a sense of positivity, perspective, and grace this world could use more of right now!
  • Favorite good luck charm?: A sunflower ring from a cupcake from my 4 yr old son and every bracelet that Nicole has given me at the end of Body Well sessions. I wear all of those items every time I'm interviewing for something or just need some good vibes in my life!
  • King cake or green beer?: Green beer ALLLLLL day!!
  • March 20th is spring - what is your favorite season and why?: Fall! I feel like so many of my favorite things happen in fall. The amazing weather, leaves turning, college football, Keeneland, my birthday…the list goes on! Plus I love the fashion in fall!

Quick 5 with Sawyer:

· How old is mommy?: 23

· What is something mom always says to you?: I love you

· What is mom really good at?: Basketball

· What is mom's favorite thing to do?: Play Soccer

· What makes you proud of your mom?: Kissing