Mom of the Month - Karen Jaracz

This month’s featured mama would best be described as a go-getter! You never know where you might run into her, whether it be at 360, Central Park, or even on screen at Low Impact 50 (not even a sleep regression could stop her). Her F4MLOU journey started during the pandemic and she’s progressing quickly towards that 100 completed classes mark!

Meet Karen Jaracz, our July Mom of the Month...

- Hometown: Crestwood, Ky

- Tell us about your family: My husband Kyle and I have been together for fourteen years, married for almost eight. We have three daughters: Clara (officially age 5, but an old soul), Nora (age 3, who is a magical unicorn living on a rainbow cloud), and Anna (age 1, boss of the family). We also have two dogs: Cali and Misha.

- Current/Previous career: I am an attorney. I practiced civil litigation for over a decade in a private firm. During the Great Resignation, I made the jump to public work and currently serve MSD, Louisville's sewer utility, as Assistant General Counsel.

- What was your childhood ambition? To be a lawyer, so yaaaaaaay, I guess I'm living my dream. I thought being a lawyer would help me become the first woman President. Still possible -- vote for me in 2024!

- What does motherhood mean to you? It feels like getting a second childhood. I love getting to see the world through my kids' eyes and experience all their wonder and awe.

- What is the furthest you have been away from home? I spent a semester studying International Business at the École Superieur de Commerce in Grenoble, France. The city had hosted the 1968 Winter Olympics and my student housing was part of the old Olympic Village.

- What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Over pandemic we were looking for things we could do while social distancing, so we bought a pop up camper. We've really only used it at my in-law's property, but the kids think we are big time campers! We also do a lot of "hiking" which is really just anytime you walk through a wooded area and bring your own water bottle.

- What is something about you that someone may not know? I'm a pretty open book, so if you've stood next to me during a Fit4Mom session, you probably know most of my life story. I guess that my first job was as a Subway Sandwich Artist. If you need a party sub like it's the 1990s, I'm your girl.

- What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? Right now, my favorite healthy food is Peach Truck peaches. My favorite unhealthy food is anything chocolate and peanut butter. I also love tacos, which depending on how they are made, could go in either category.

- What is your favorite color? UK Blue! Go Cats!

- What is your favorite song or artist? Pink. Her music feels honest and empowering. I saw her in concert and it was amazing. I'm a sucker for some aerial acrobatics too.

- What TV shows are you currently watching? I don't watch a ton of TV. My husband and I usually just end up watching YouTube videos about tiny houses or homesteading. It's just a matter of time before we renovate a bus into a house and go off-grid.

- Proudest moment: When I worked in private practice and a client would say "thank you." As a lawyer, you are working with people during the most stressful and difficult times in their life. There are a lot of days when practicing law is stressful and, frankly, kind of awful, but on the days you get to go home knowing you had genuinely helped someone, it made it all worth it.

- Tell us something about yourself that would surprise us: I would secretly love to quit my day job and just decorate cookies all day. I spend a bizarre amount of my time watching people on Insta "flood" icing onto cookies.

- How did you find FIT4MOM? My neighbors Bonnie Logsdon, Amanda Pendley, and Danielle Spalenka had already formed the Old Lou Crew (along with Hannah Roquet, but I didn't meet her until F4M) and they were all smashing their goals and looking fabulous . It was Amanda who talked me into coming to BW Bring a Friend Day.

- How has FIT4MOM changed your life? I had just had my third kid in five years when I joined F4M. My body felt wrecked and I was at a major crossroads in my health. As a mom of three girls, I try to be careful about the messaging I give them about weight, food, etc. I liked that F4M emphasized proper fueling through nutrition and building strength. I did Bowman Boost and Natalie's Body Well and ended up losing 35 lbs. in the process.

- Favorite exercise: I call it The Carly Tur-duck-en. It's whenever you think Carly has just described a whole set and then she says, "Okay, so that's the first move." Like, "You're gonna do a burpee, and then low shuffle to the left, go into a Heitzman, shuffle back, and then squat and do a front kick as you come, up...okay, and that's the first move". It's the exercise equivalent of a chicken stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey.

- Favorite virtual class: I loved Jara's Drop the Beat. The music was excellent and the sweat was real.

July questions:

  • Describe your favorite firework:. The firework waterfall off the bridge each Thunder Over Louisville. (Sorry, fish).

  • What is the tastiest thing to cook on a grill or over a fire? I'm here for the classic American hot dog. But the best thing about any food off the grill is it means my husband cooked it instead of me.

  • Best Fourth of July memory? I don't know that I have one in particular that stands out. They all kind of run together in childhood as just being peak summer.

  • You’re at the pool - cannonball to get in or slow on the stairs? Slow on the stairs. I can swim, but I'm actually terrible at holding my breath under water, so a cannonball isn't happening. According to my parents, I got kicked out of swim classes as a baby because the instructor was worried about the amount of water I was inhaling and my crying freaked the other kids out.

Quick 5 with the kiddos:

- How old is mommy? C: Older than dad. 24? N: 9

- What is something mom always says to you? C: That you love me. N: You love me.

- What is mom really good at? C: Hugging me. N: Puzzles.

- What is mom's favorite thing to do? C: Hug me. N: Poop.

- What makes you proud of your mom? C: That you hug me so much. (Suspicious she was just trying to shut me up during The Floor is Lava ) N: Kiss me and give me a song.