Mom of the Month- Early October

Meet Olivia Parker! Our early October Mom of the Month!

Olivia is Mommy to the beautiful blue-eyed, Julia and wifey to Eric. She attended her very 1st Stroller Strides class when Julia was just a few weeks old! Olivia always shows up to class ready to work and she really pushes us ALL to take it up a notch! Despite her no nonsense approach to her workouts, she is also always ready and willing to lend a warm smile to every Mama in class. Her calm presence puts us all at ease and makes our hearts so warm. This family of three is the sweetest and we’re so glad they are a part of Our Village!

  1. What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? Getting in an excellent and enjoyable workout with my daughter and other moms!

  2. What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Anything running/sprints and all things squats!

  3. What is your favorite part about being a mom? I could write a novel for this! There is such a special and strong bond between mother and child, and I feel so blessed to experience it. I love that my daughter sees me as her comforter whether it’s through nursing, kisses and cuddles, or laughs. I love that she sees me as her cheerleader and when she accomplishes a task, like crawling up the stairs, we celebrate and clap simultaneously. I love watching Julia, filled with wonder and determination, discover new things and seeing her joyful reactions as a result. I love when she’s learned something that I taught her. Everyday is a new adventure and Julia's sweet and quirky personality emerges more and more. I love knowing that this little person truly does love me unconditionally despite my imperfections and faults. I am grateful to Julia - in just a short 8 months, she has helped me become a better wife, mother, daughter, person, and child of God.

  4. Favorite thing to do when Julia is napping? I should nap but I'm not a napper! I'll read or catch up on work and household chores or watch something on Netflix without close captioning on!

  5. What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Being active outside! And watching the sun set and looking at the stars.

  6. What is something about you that someone may not know? I haven't been sick with anything (colds, headaches, allergies, etc) in the last 6.5 years!

  7. What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? It's hard to choose! I love all fruit and veggies so I'll go right in the middle and say home grown, vine-ripened tomatoes from our Tower Garden! And unhealthy - any homemade, from scratch baked good.

  8. What is your favorite color? Plum Purple

  9. What is your favorite song or artist? I have so many favorites! Right now, I love Kelly Clarkson's "Piece by Piece".

  10. What TV shows are you currently watching? Jeopardy, SYTYCD, America's Got Talent