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Mom of the Month - Brooke Watson

Meet Brooke Watson! Our August Mom of the Month!!

Brooke is mommy to sweet baby boy Graham, and wifey to Nick. Brooke is one of our newer members and we are so excited that she chose to join our group! You can find Brooke at Stroller Strides classes during the week, and pretty soon she’ll be joining our morning House of Boom Body Back crew! We love Brooke’s outgoing personality, her killer trucker hat collection, and that she is so supportive of other mamas! She is also super knowledgeable about natural living and breastfeeding support, and is a great person to reach out to for advice. We are so lucky to have Brooke and her family as a part of Our Village!

1) What is your favorite thing about Stroller Strides? Getting out of the house and being around other supportive Mommas! Let's be honest, there are endless home workouts out there but it's so nice to get out with your little and enjoy some Mommy time. The playdates and mom night outs with this community are just icing on the (already delicious) cake!

2) What is your favorite exercise? I'm a burpees and core strength fan.

3) What is your favorite part about being a mom? It still blows my mind that I was able to grow and nourish a tiny human! I look at this little boy in astonishment every day. I really can't believe how quickly they develop, change and grow!

4) Favorite thing to do while Graham is napping? Nap! But on the days that I slip away while he sleeps, I feel like superwoman. Organizing, cleaning or cooking.

5) What is your favorite thing to do as a family? Travel. We love to travel! But for everyday, dinner time is our favorite. It's nice to sit down as a family and just enjoy a little time catching up with each other. It also helps us make better food choices if we all eat together. The babe eats what we eat and watching his palette develop and his fine motor skills develop as he feeds himself is fun for us adults.

6) What is something about you that someone may not know? Before motherhood I was a heirloom tomato farmer. Each season I would raise over 80 varieties of tomatoes and sell them to some of the best restaurants in Louisville. I may be partial but we have some of the best restaurants and chefs in the country.

7) What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? I love ALL.THE.FOODS!

8) What is your favorite color? Again, I love all the colors. Lol.

9) What is your favorite song or artist? I don't really have a favorite. While I was pregnant I was listening to a lot of the Weekend, Adele and Bieber ... so I play a lot of that on car rides to soothe the babe. Otherwise, talk radio and PD audiobooks.

10) What TV shows are you currently watching? Oh goodness, my current guilty pleasures on DVR for when I put the babe to bed are... Power, Bachelor (in Paradise, currently), Dance Moms, So Sharp and 20/20.