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Mom of the Month- April

Meet Jessica... who is ALSO one of your INSTRUCTORS!

Jessica was born and raised in Louisville and is mommy to her sweet little girl Olivia AND is expecting a little guy- Max who will be here in July! We met Jessica back in June of 2015 and have gotten to enjoy her ever since! Jessica began as a member of Stroller Strides and quickly fell in love with the program. Shortly after attending classes as a member she decided to join the team to instruct! She is so knowledgeable and is a such great instructor with great ideas!! We love spending time with these two (or shall we say 3!) whether Jessica is instructing or whether they are attending a class! She is such a great addition to the F4M Team and we are so thankful to have gotten to know her!

Learn some more FUN facts about Jessica!...

  1. What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? What is not to LOVE about S.S. If I had to choose, I would say meeting all the Momma's and gaining motivation from all of their strength and positive vibes.
  2. What is your favorite exercise at Stroller Strides? Burpees for sure. It is a Love/Hate Relationship.
  3. What is your favorite part about being a mom? It amazes me everyday how much Olivia is learning and picking up on even the smallest things. I never know what she is going to say/do.
  4. Favorite thing to do when Olivia is napping? My favorite thing to do is to nap myself or read....however, I usually spend it doing laundry, cleaning, or cooking. Blah!
  5. What is your favorite thing to do as a family? We love going to UofL games, playing outside or having friends over.
  6. What is something about you that someone may not know? One of my lifelong goals is to travel to every continent (minus Antartica, I don't like the Cold) Status: 4 down, 2 to go
  7. What is your favorite healthy and unhealthy food? Healthy: ALL Fruit (I could be probably be a fruitatarian) Unhealthy: Mac-N-Cheese
  8. What is your favorite color? Right now I am digging the Bright Derby Colors
  9. What is your favorite song or artist? 90's rap. haha
  10. What TV shows are you currently watching? I actually don't watch TV unless there is a Sports game on. But I am looking forward to watching the Summer Olympics while on maternity leave. USA!