Mom of the Month

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If you like staying up til midnight to ring in the New Year, this month’s featured mama might be your wing woman.

This month’s featured mama shows us the power of this Village. She joined at a low point in her life, but amongst this crew, has found and fostered amazing connections in our strong community. While she might not stay up until midnight to ring in the new year, we’re thankful to welcome in 2023 with Erin and look forward to...


Our Village is comprised of some pretty amazing people, and this month’s featured mama showcases that. Anupa joined Fit4Mom Louisville after moving here in 2021. While she hasn’t been here long, she has stepped into our Village in a big way. You’ll often see her at BOOST, Strength 50, Strides, Run Club…the list goes on! While you may be the furthest you’ve ever been from home, we’re glad you feel right at home with F4MLou.

Hometown: I...


Life is full of curveballs. This month’s featured Mom of the Month shares a curve ball life threw her, and how it ended up sending her right into home plate - we mean, F4MLOU. It has led her to Body Well sessions, Holiday Minis, Strides, virtual classes, F4M Lou Birthday celebrations (we do throw pretty awesome parties), and more importantly - a community of women who have formed an amazing Village. Thank you Joey for being a part of F4MLOU;...

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This month’s MOTM will say it best in her own words (read below), but F4MLOU is all about community. We are here for you in all stages of your life. Whether it be with or without kids, morning or night, in person or virtual - we have your back. Our October mama does a beautiful job of articulating how life has adjusted for her over the years and how the Village has been there to support that. Thank you Liz for being an integral part of that...