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This month’s MOTM will say it best in her own words (read below), but F4MLOU is all about community. We are here for you in all stages of your life. Whether it be with or without kids, morning or night, in person or virtual - we have your back. Our October mama does a beautiful job of articulating how life has adjusted for her over the years and how the Village has been there to support that. Thank you Liz for being an integral part of that...


Sometimes the best relationships start with a referral from a friend. This is the case with this month’s Mom of the Month, Pia Orescovich. Pia’s relationship with Fit4Mom Lou began when a friend encouraged her to come to class with her. She has completed several rounds of Body Well, but made her ONE membership “official” in September 2020. In addition, Pia recently hit a huge milestone and attended her two hundred and fiftieth class! Thank...

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What will never cease to amaze us is just how amazing, talented, thoughtful, and aspirational the members of our Village are. This month’s Mom of the Month is no exception; rather the rule. If you’ve sidled up your mat next to Sarah’s, you likely noticed her sense of humor and abounding kindness. But this is why we’re so thankful for these monthly features that allow you a deeper glimpse into who you’re actually next to - someone who is...


This month’s featured mama would best be described as a go-getter! You never know where you might run into her, whether it be at 360, Central Park, or even on screen at Low Impact 50 (not even a sleep regression could stop her). Her F4MLOU journey started during the pandemic and she’s progressing quickly towards that 100 completed classes mark!

Meet Karen Jaracz, our July Mom of the Month...

- Hometown:...


As we celebrate F4MLOU's 7th birthday this month we thought it would be a great time to introduce you to the owners of F4MLOU. Meet our June Moms of the Month, and owners who brought F4M to Louisville, Jessica Yared and Cassie Fertig!

Keep reading to learn more about this fun duo below!...


  • Hometown and where you live now: Born and raised in Montgomery County, Maryland and now I live in...


I am honored to introduce the village to Mom of the Month, Christine Cobbs!

When I found Fit4Mom last year, I knew that this new journey was something that I needed Christine’s support on but also knew that this journey would be better if she was along for the ride. Thelma and Louise-style, she agreed to come to Bring-A-Friend Week during Fall Body Well, and she’s never looked back. Christine has since completed Winter...


If you’re feeling lucky, chances are you’ve worked out alongside our March Mom of the Month. Her name is Katie Boyd and she’s run the gamut of Fit4Mom Louisville offerings. She started off her journey with Fit4Baby in 2017 and is now an active ONE member. Thank you Katie - we feel so fortunate for you and your being an integral member of F4M Lou!

· Hometown: Louisville, KY

· Tell us about your family: I am the oldest of six kids...


You never really know a person’s whole story. This holds true for the mama next to you at class, either on screen or in person. This month’s Mom of the Month is the perfect example. Meet Danielle Spalenka! What you know about Danielle is that she tries anything and everything F4M related. She’ll Body Well, Run Club, Sunrise Yoga, LI50, and so on all week long. What you might not know about her is that she has a super unique job and loves the...


Erica Osborne took the last half of 2021 with Fit4Mom by storm. She was all in after her first class and off and running with a ONE membership. You’ve likely seen her at classes because she attends literally everything from am to pm all week long. There’s also a high probability that you've laughed at one of her comments on FB - like feeling a kinship to Susan’s husband on the on demand Strength with Size classes. Erica, you are an...


The pandemic has brought all of us unique challenges. One of those was finding the time and space to work out. Another was forming new friendships...which brings me to our Mom of the Month. Nicole and I are friends, we see each other nightly, but we've actually never met. Nicole started joining Fit4Mom Lou in October 2020 and has done it all - Body Well, Strides, BOOST, the list goes on. Her determination is admirable, her kindness is...

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Meet Amanda, our Mom of the Month! Amanda is wife to Leigh and mom to Lorenzo (6), Rocco (5), and Eloise (2). Amanda works as a Government Property Contractor with BAE Systems, Inc. while also keeping up with rental properties that she and Leigh own. She has been part of F4MLOU since 2020 and has participated in Boost, 360, virtual classes, Run Club, Well Between, multiple rounds of Body Well and Body Well Minis.

Amanda has a unique...


Meet Tiffany, our Mom of the Month! Tiffany is partner to Adam and mom to Jordyn (14) and Waylon (8). When Tiffany isn't being a rockstar wife and mom she is a full time dental assistant. She has been part of F4MLOU since 2017 and has participated in multiple rounds of Body Well, Body Well Minis, Run Club and Well Between.

If you know Tiffany you've likely noticed her gracious, warm and delightful personality. You may...


Meet Mel, our Mom of the Month! Mel is partner to Ken and mom to Emmett (7) and her 3 kitties. Mel is a full time boss babe as the Chief Field Operations Officer for American Jewish Community. She has been part of F4MLOU since 2019 and has participated in many rounds of Body Well, Body Well Minis, Run Club and Well Between.

Hear what her Body Well coach has to say about her...

“I could go on and on and ON about Mel, as I’m sure...


Meet Rachael, our Mom of the Month! Rachael is married to Troy and Mom to Kirby (9), Mattie (4) and Penny (3). When Rachael isn't spending time with her adorable family she is an incredibly talented photographer. Rachael and her husband not only own and operate Rach Loves Troy- a KY, SC and GA based photography and videography business but they are the talent behind the lense too! Rachael is also part...


Meet Katie Kramer, our Mom of the Month! Katie is partner to John and mom to Sara (6) and Leah (20 months). Not only is Katie a phenomenal full time mom but she is also part of the F4MLOU team. Katie joined the team in 2018 as a Strides instructor and has since become F4MLOU's Diversity & Inclusion Advocate.

In addition to attending virtual and in person classes Katie has completed one round of Fit4baby and three rounds of Body...

June MOM.jpeg

Meet Rachael, our Mom of the Month! Rachael is wife to Ali and mama to Parker (20 months). She is an Occupational Therapist and also referees high school field hockey. Rachael joined F4MLOU for a Boost Pop Up during the summer of 2020 and then quickly signed up for her first round of Body Well from there! She just completed her third round of Body Well and has inspired many along the way.

Hear what her most recent Body Well Coach has...

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Meet Carrie, our Mom of the Month! Carrie is wife to Todd and mom to Everett (2). She is an Insurance Advisor who is part of an all-woman team at Sterling Thompson Company. Carrie began her time with F4MLou just last year with a round of Body Well. Since then she has quickly become a familiar and friendly face to many. When she’s not crushing a session of Body Well you might find Carrie continuing her wellness journey in Well Between, going...

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Meet Bria, our Mom of the Month! Bria is partner to Tyler, and mama to Cayson Tate (2) and Layton Hays (8 months). She is a Paraeducator for JCPS and is currently working on a degree in Special Education. Bria became part of F4M Lou just over two years ago beginning with a Stroller Barre class. Since then she has become a regular at Strides and Boost while also completing Well Between and several rounds of Body Well, Body Well Minis and Run...

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Meet Jen Malone! Our March Mom of the Month! Jen is married to Josh and has two sons, Beau (3.5) and William (5 months). They also have two sweet pups, Mia and Stella. Jen is a former ECE teacher turned stay at home mom. In her free time she teaches ESL online and is a part of our wonderful F4M Lou team!

Jen has been a part of F4M Lou since 2017. She began as a Strides member, then first joined the team as a play date captain and is...

Katherine V Family Pic.jpg

Meet Katherine, our February Mom of the Month! Katherine is wifey to Bill and mama to Harper (10) and fur babies, Wilson and Hazel. In addition to being an amazing mom and wife, Katherine is a litigation attorney. Katherine began her journey at Fit4Mom with Body Well and quickly became a regular at Boost. She has since completed several rounds of Body Well, Body Well Minis and Run Club!

“She is literally a badass. She is so tough. She...


Meet Emily, our January Mom of the Month! Emily is wifey to Brandon and mama to Kipp (4) and fur baby, Bodhi. Emily is a Speech Pathologist but is also our wonderful Moms Night Out Coordinator and one of our Playdate Captains. She plans the most creative and fun special events- for both moms and the kiddos! Emily is a long time Strides member (beginning in 2017) and a Body Well and Well Between grad. You can also find her at...

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Meet Heidi, our December Mom of the Month! Heidi is Mama to Sadie (4), Virginia (2) and Lucy (3m) and wifey to Dave. Heidi has been a loyal and longtime F4MLou member since 2016 and has completed almost all of our programs- Fit4baby, Strides, Boost and Body Well. In addition, she and her hubby are currently attending the very first couples Holiday Mini and are rocking it! In addition to being an amazing mom Heidi is a Chief...


Meet Whitney Cook, our November Mom of the Month. Whitney is wifey to Greg and mama to Addison (10), Thatcher (8) , Leighton (4) and fur baby Scout. Whitney is a full time mama with many tricks up her sleeve- she is a former underwriter and nurse and can even fly a plane! Whitney has been through several rounds of body well and was one of our first well between mamas! She has lost over 70 pounds since joining Fit4Mom!

“Anytime I see...

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Meet Stephanie, one of our Moms of the Month! Stephanie is wifey to Grant and mama to Violet (5), Max (3) and furbaby Finn. Stephanie is a stay at home mama and one of our amazing instructors. You can find her teaching Strides or 360 and coaching Run Club! When she’s not instructing she is a regular at classes and has also done several rounds of Body Well. Stephanie is the woman you go to, to make your smile brighter. She is as genuine as...


Meet Brittany, one of our Moms of the Month!

Brittany is wifey to Cole and mama to Lawson, Sam, Alex and Carmen. When she's not busy being an amazing Mom she is a full time Lawyer. Brittany makes balancing the demands of work, raising kids and including time for herself look easy breezy.

Brittany has completed several rounds of Body Well and Run Club and is also a regular at Boost. She is encouraging, friendly and kind. Something...


Meet one of our Moms of the Month, Lauren Rager! Lauren is wifey to Chris and Mom to Jackson (4). In addition to working full time as a Senior Loan Originator, Lauren is also one of our amazing BOOST instructors!

Lauren's F4MLou journey began with Body Well (formerly Body Back), then continued with a session of Run Club and has continued by becoming part of team F4MLou! Rager makes being a full time working mama, instructor, and all...


Meet Kerriann, our Mom of the Month! Kerriann is mama to Austin (1) and wife to Greg. She is an elementary school teacher turned stay at home mom, and it shows! We were lucky enough to have Kerriann host a few virtual play dates for the Village. Her creative teacher skills kept ALL the kids entertained. Kerriann is a dedicated member who has the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and welcome because of her warm and friendly...


Meet Jara, our Mom of the Month! Jara is wife to Kenley and Mom to Bow (3). She began her Fit4Mom journey last fall with Body Back and hasn’t slowed down since! Since March, she has attended the most amount of classes out of all our members- all while being VIRTUAL! She has also been a constant source of support and encouragement to everyone in our private Facebook groups. When Jara is not busy sweating or taking care of her family, she is a...


Meet Rebecca, one of our Moms of the Month! Rebecca is wife to Landon and mom to three sweet girls... Ava, Claire and Norah.

Rebecca is a former teacher and now stays home full time. While at home, she also instructs Stroller Strides and most recently our very popular virtual ONE classes as well! While F4MLou needed to become a temporary virtual community during the pandemic, Rebecca and her girls have also hosted some very fun kid...


Meet one of our Moms of the Month, Mariana Tackett! Mariana is wifey to Corey and mama to Roman (2) and fur baby, Theo. Mariana joined us in August of 2018 and began as a Strides member who signed up for her first round of Body Back shortly after. Since then she has completed three rounds of Body Back and has attended over 300 classes! Mariana is also one of our first One members taking advantage of all of our class options at Fit4Mom Lou....


Meet Elizabeth, one of our Moms of the Month! Elizabeth is wife to Nathan and Mom to Adeline (5) and Lochlan (2).

Many of you may know Elizabeth (AKA... "E") as she has been with F4M Lou since the beginning! She began as a member and has since had several roles in the F4M Lou community. Elizabeth became one of our very first Body Back coaches and is now also instructing Boost weekly! When Elizabeth isn't pushing us to become our best...

M. Cull.jpeg

Meet Meredith, our Mom of the Month! Meredith is wifey to Zach and Mom to Calvin (6.5) and Ruby (3.5). Meredith has been involved with Fit4Mom since the beginning. She began with Strides and is now a dedicated Boost member. Most evenings you can find her kicking booty at either our Middletown Jazzercise or Crestwood Boost locations. Meredith is also an amazing teacher and great friend.

Meredith, you are one of the strongest mama's we...

Carlee Fam Pic.jpg

Meet Carlee, our Mom of the Month! Carlee is wifey to Ian and mama to sweet Angel Hattie, Willa (4) and Winnie (1.5). Carlee does all.the.things. Fit4Mom! She began as a Strides member and later became Body Back alumni after falling in love with the program. Carlee then became a Strides/360 Instructor and now coaches Run Club and is also one of F4M Lou's Body Back Coaches. Carlee gives 110% in everything she does and it shows. Her classes are...

Tiffany Musser.JPG

Meet Tiffany, our Mom of the Month! Tiffany is wife to Alex and mama to Xander (8 months). She's a photographer turned stay at home mama and is also one of our BOSS moms attending Strides, 360 and Boost on the regular! If you have ever been in class with Tiffany, you know she comes to WORK. She pushes herself so hard and it shows! She just finished her second round of body back where she completed an impressive FOUR minute side plank during...

Ashley MOM.jpg

Meet Ashley, our Mom of the Month! Ashley is wifey to Ryan and mama to Sarah. She is a former teacher and now stays at home full time with her sweet girl. Ashley has participated in almost all of our Fit4Mom programs- Fit4baby, Strides, Boost and Body Back. It’s only a matter of time before she joins Run Club! When she goes, she goes ALL in and never gives up. She is selfless, kind and motivating... always putting others first. Ashley has a...

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Meet Leslie McNulty, our Mom of the Month! Leslie is wife to Aaron and mama to 3 sweet littles: Alice (5), Thomas (3) and William (1). Leslie is a longtime member of our village and has been through all of our programs. She is currently killing it in Body Back and Run Club and is also a Strides and BOOST regular!

When she’s not busy with her kiddos or working out, she works part time in fundraising for our parks. Leslie has run SIX mini...


Meet Joya, our September Mom of the Month. Joya is wifey to Forrest and mama to Caden, Coby and Carter. Not only does Joya take care of her beautiful family, but she also takes care of many animals as a veterinary dermatologist. Joya has participated in almost all of our Fit4Mom programs. She jumped head first into Body Back, then began attending Strides and Boost regularly and is now running in her third session of Run Club!

Joya, we...

Ashley Tinius.jpg

Meet Ashley, our August Mom of the Month! Ashley is wife to Chris and mama to 2 year old, Wesley and 1 month old, Fritz. Ashley first found Fit4Mom through our Fit4Baby program during her first pregnancy. She started Strides as soon as she was cleared to workout and has been going strong ever since! If you ever want to Stride with Ashley, you can find her at our night and weekend classes! When Ashley isn't mom-ing she works in community...

M Gift.jpg

Meet Meaghan, our July mom of the month. Meaghan is wifey to Tommy and Mama to Marrett Jane.

Meaghan has impressed us all with her dedication and hard work. She has been through all of our programs and is a regular both Strides AND Boost! The results from her first round of Body Back are INSANE! She’s beginning her second session in July and we can’t wait to see what she accomplishes then!

Meaghan, we are so happy to have you as a...


Meet Katye, our Mom of the Month! Katye is mommy to Finnlye and wifey to Cory. She is also one of our Crestwood BOOST instructors! Check out her classes on Thursday evenings at 7pm at Crestwood Christian Church. On top of being a busy mom, wife and fitness instructor, Katye works full time as a Nurse Practitioner. She is also a regular at our evening and weekend Strides classes! Katye, how do you do it all? You are such a strong, determined...


Meet Ashlei, our Mom of the Month! Ashlei is wifey to Bryan and mama to two handsome guys named, Reid and Liam.

Ashlei is a longtime member and has completed almost ALL of our programs! She’s a regular at Strides and Boost and has completed both Body Back and Fit4Baby. She always has a smile on her face and is so positive. When Ashlei isn’t sweating it out at class or busy being an amazing mom or wife, she is a Counselor for middle...


Meet Kelli, our April Mom of the month! Kelli is wifey to Jeremy and mama to Emerson (3) and Silas (1.5). Kelli is one of our Body Back success stories and a dedicated BOOST member. She attended 26 BOOST classes in February! She was in class EVERY DAY that we offered one! WOW!! Kelli always has something funny to say and is always happy and motivating during class. She makes balancing work, kids and maintaining an active healthy lifestyle...

LM Pic.jpg

Many of you already know her but if not, meet Leeann our Mom of the Month! Leeann is wife to Allan, Mama to Kai and bonus mom to Mikhayla. She is also one of our amazing BOOST instructors! If you haven’t met Leeann yet, head over to Seneca for one of her killer Boost classes! Not only is Leeann an amazing fitness instructor, but she also teaches women’s self-defense classes through her business, Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Louisville. Thank you Leeann...

Katie Rubin.JPG

Meet Katie, our February Mom of the Month! Katie is wife to Will and mom to Max, Frankie and angel baby, Meyer. She is also a nurse practitioner at UofL.

Katie is one of our Body Back and Boost mamas and was a huge influencer over the start of our Seneca Boost location! Coach Natalie says “Katie has found her strength in Body Back and encourages every mom around her to find their own strength too! She is your biggest supporter and helps...

Susan Pic.jpeg

Our January Mom of the Month is someone we all know and love, Susan Eckhardt! Susan is wife to Josh and mommy to two handsome boys, Elijah (5) and Luca (3). She is also a longtime FIT4MOM Lou instructor and was our very first BOOST instructor! Her classes at House of Boom are amazing. They are challenging and always different. She comes up with the craziest moves that always leave us feeling SO strong. Susan is an amazing Mom. She's...

Ashley Stewart.jpg

Meet Ashley, our December Mom of the month! Ashley is wife to Clay and mama to two handsome boys, Ezra and Reese (who are known to break out a few stroller dance moves at class). Ashley joined Our Village in April and has quickly become a familiar face at Stroller Strides, Stroller Barre and Boost. As a working mom, we are amazed by Ashley’s dedication and attendance. She was one of the first to take advantage of our BOSS Mom Membership,...

Kendal P.jpeg

Meet Kendall, our November mom of the month! Kendall is mama to Gunner and sweetheart to Brian. Kendall is one of our Body Back success stories, and a regular at our BOOST classes. Most recently Kendall completed a session of Run Club! Run Club coach Katie says, “She would power through any bad day/sickness and give it her all. She had no quit. She was the type to always push for one more rep, one more sprint or one more lap before time ran...


Meet Bonnie, our October Mom of the month! Bonnie is mama to Finley (4) and wifey to Brent. When she’s not taking care of her sweet boy, Bonnie is an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and has helped countless mamas in our community through her nutrition and lactation consulting service, The Baby’s Voice. Bonnie gives 100% of herself to see moms succeed in the postpartum stage of motherhood.

Bonnie just CRUSHED her first...

Megan Smith.jpg

Meet Megan, our September Mom of the Month! Megan is mommy to Lola Kate and wife to Brian. Megan is one of our most recent Body Back success stories, losing 31 pounds in her VERY FIRST ROUND. She is now crushing goals in Run Club and gearing up for her second round of Body Back this Fall. Outside of being an awesome mom and wife, Megan is also a 10th grade English teacher. Megan is hardworking, fun, hilarious and also a pretty fun time (ask...


Meet Jenny, our August Mom of the Month! Jenny is wife to Nathan and mama to two adorable boys, Luke (2.5 years) and Grant (6 months). Jenny is a long time Strides member and just completed her first round of Body Back! She looks absolutely ah- mazing! Not only is Jenny an amazing mom and wife, but she is also a caring nurse and wonderful friend.

We're so excited that you're joining us for a second round of BODY BACK in the fall and...


Meet Katherine Zeh! Our July Mom of the Month! Katherine is wifey to Evan and mommy to 2 year old Elliot, and expecting a precious little girl any day now! One of the first things you will notice about Katherine is her sweet smile and personality! She’s great with making new members feel special, and welcoming them to our village. Katherine has been a great example for all our expecting mamas by making this pregnancy a fit one! Over the last...


Meet Felicia Woods... our June Mom of the Month! Felicia is sweetheart to Marcus, mommy to Charlie (almost 2) and is expecting another sweet boy this fall!

We love Felicia’s sweet welcoming spirit and how she always gives her all during class. She’s got some pretty impressive #fitgoals, including working on perfecting her handstand by the end of this summer! Yup, you read that right, this yoga loving expecting mama is doing handstands,...

Amanda I.png

Meet Amanda Ives! Our May Mom of the Month!!!

Amanda is wifey to Charlie, and mommy to two boys William (4.5) and Easton (2). We love Amanda because she is nice, thoughtful, and an amazing friend. She’s been through almost all of our programs and has slayed each one! Amanda recently completed Run Club and finished off the session by running in the Derby Marathon Relay. After completing her leg of the race and handing off the...


Meet Nicole Hennessey! Our April Mom of the Month!!

Nicole is wifey to Austin and mommy to sweet Georgia (4) and cutie Colin (19 months). One of our favorite things about Nicole is that you can meet her for two minutes and feel like she’s been your best friend for years. She’s super outgoing and is one of the most supportive Mamas you’ll find in our village. She’s a Body Back alum and she recently joined the FIT4MOM Louisville team...


Meet one of our Mom's of the Month, Carla Walker!

Carla is sweetheart to Erik and mommy to Tristan (age 2) and Emma (5 months old)! She is also one of our amazing Strides Instructors at Norton Commons and is our lead FIT4BABY Instructor, helping expecting moms stay fit and healthy during their 9 month journey to motherhood. Carla is a member of our rockin' Run Club that meets on Saturday mornings, crushing all the #rungoals!...


Meet Liz Matly! Our February Mom of the Month!

Liz is one of our newest Body Back/Boost members, only recently joining us in December, but it feels like she’s been a part of the crew for a long time! Liz is wifey to Steven and they have four kiddos ages 3-11, Christopher, Katie, Caroline, and Allie. Liz is an amazing mom, and makes juggling the schedules of four kids in activities look super easy! She has a wonderful heart for her...

Alicia Miller.jpg

Meet our Mom of the Month, Alicia Miller! Alicia is mommy to Lilly, who just turned 1 and sweetheart to hubby, Bill. She and her family recently moved to Kentucky from Colorado, and we are so happy they made Louisville their home. Alicia is one of our most dedicated members, coming to class 3-4 times a week! She is also a great motivator and brings such positive energy to class. She is always so excited to push herself when we have a...

Katie J.jpg

Meet Katie Johnson! Our December Mom of the Month!

Katie is very special to us over here at FIT4MOM Louisville! In addition to being a wonderful member, she also does a fantastic job as our Social Media manager. Katie is mom to almost 2 year old, Lyla and is wifey to Aaron, her biggest supporter. It’s easy to see where Lyla gets her bubbly personality from as her mama is always so friendly and welcoming!

Katie has also been...

Natalie R.jpg

Meet Natalie Robertson! Our November Mom of the Month!

Natalie is super mom to Carson (age 5), Lincoln and Nolan (1 year old twins) and is sweetheart to hubby, Corey. She and her family just recently moved back to the Ville from Tennessee and we're so glad they did! Natalie is one of our creative Play Date Captains and leads the Highland/ St, Matthews area location! Not only does Natalie have a WORK HARD/ PUSH HARDER attitude at...

Brooke Knego.jpg

Meet Brooke Knego! Our October Mom of the Month!!

Brooke is mommy to 9 month old twins Drew, and Evie! She is wifey to Tyler, and will be the first to tell you how truly blessed they are to be parents of twins! The first thing you might notice about Brooke is her positive attitude and beaming smile. She has taken to motherhood so naturally, and will be one of the first to offer support to a fellow mama in need. When she’s not...


Meet Shellain Satterwhite! Our September Mom of the Month!

Shellain is mommy to Payton and Paxton, and soulmate to Jordan. We love Shellain for her sweet personality and what a great friend and supporter she is! Shellain recently completed her 2nd round of our Body Back Transformation program, and as you can see the results are incredible! What you can’t see from the pictures is the transformation that went on inside Shellain. It...

Brooke Watson.jpg

Meet Brooke Watson! Our August Mom of the Month!!

Brooke is mommy to sweet baby boy Graham, and wifey to Nick. Brooke is one of our newer members and we are so excited that she chose to join our group! You can find Brooke at Stroller Strides classes during the week, and pretty soon she’ll be joining our morning House of Boom Body Back crew! We love Brooke’s outgoing personality, her killer trucker hat collection, and that she is...

Kate K.jpg

Meet Kate Osborne! Our July Mom of the Month!

Kate is sweetheart to Steven and mommy to the very handsome, James. We love Kate’s sweet spirit and get after it attitude. You can find her strolling at evening and weekend Strides classes and attending BOOST at 5:30am! Kate is also a two time Body Back grad who is now training for a half marathon. #GOALS. Recently she was one of three mamas who attended 3 FIT4MOM classes in ONE DAY!...

Katie C.png

Meet Katie Case! Our June Mom of the Month!

Katie is mama to sweet Clara and wifey to Darrell. We absolutely love Katie’s outgoing and fun personality! Katie is always one of the first of our members to walk up to a new mom in class and introduce herself. She gives our other members encouragement and cracks us up with her hilarious sense of humor. When Katie isn’t sporting her tennis shoes, she’s trading them in for riding boots!...

Laura H.jpg

Meet Laura Hoehn! Our May Mom of the Month!

Laura is mommy to Elliana, and soulmate to Simon. The first thing you will notice about Laura is her sweet welcoming smile! She is always encouraging our other mamas, and we love her for it! You can meet Laura early in the morning kickin booty with the T/TH Parklands Body Back Crew, or at Stroller Strides classes all throughout the week. This fit mama has not only improved her health...

Amanda A.png

Meet Amanda Atherton, our April Mom of the Month!!

Amanda is mommy to two boys, Madden and Liam, and is sweetheart to husband, Will. You know this momma is strong living in a house with ALL boys! You can find Amanda rockin her workouts early in the morning with the House of Boom Body Back crew, or bringing her adorable kiddos to Strides and Barre in the evenings and on weekends. Besides having the best dressed boys around, Amanda...

Jess F.jpg

Jessica is wifey to Matt and Mommy to Mackenzie (who is known to lead her very own Stroller Strides classes from home) and a little peanut who is on his way! We love Jessica’s laid back spirit and the beautiful smile we get to see at EVERY. SINGLE. class. Jessica’s presence is always missed when she and the fam go on a hometown visit to Michigan, but we’re so glad that they relocated to Louisville and found us. Our Village wouldn’t be...


Meet Heather Howard! Our February Mom of the Month!

You may know Heather as one of our amazing Stroller Strides instructors, but she’s also wife to her main squeeze Todd, Mommy to John (2) and Annemarie (7 months). Whenever you see Heather, count on being greeted by her beautiful smile and feeling surrounded by her caring spirit. With Heather’s love for F4MLou and her friendly demeanor, we feel so lucky...

Alyson M.jpg

Meet Alyson Middleton! Our January Mom of the Month!

Most of you probably know Alyson as our amazing Events Coordinator, but she is also wife to the very lucky Lawrence, Mom to Landon (10), Jones (3) and baby GIRL Middleton due in March. Alyson was born and raised in Louisville and pretty much knows everything about this town. She’s also an agent with Kentucky Select and ready to help with any of your real...


Meet Terri Tinnell! Our December Mom of the Month!

Terri is wifey to Chad and Mommy to the most cuddly and smiley little girl named Raegan. If you’ve ever met Terri, you have undoubtedly noticed her kind heart and warm smile. This girl wants nothing but the best for everyone around her and it shows. However, she may be sweet and smiley BUT if you’ve seen her in a Body Back session you know she puts in WERK. This girl turns from...

Megan K.jpg

Meet Megan Kahlenberg! Our November Mom of the Month!

Megan is wifey to Kyle and Mommy to the most enchanting little girl named Ellie. We’ve been fortunate enough to watch Ellie grow from just a tiny newborn, sitting in her car seat during class, to a beautiful 1 year old big girl! Megan is a full time working Mom who continues to make classes a priority. Not only does she attend our evening and weekend Stroller Strides classes...

Emily H.jpg

Emily is Mommy to the most well behaved and adorable blonde haired boys, William (4) and Charlie (2). She is wifey to husband Josh, who secretly has a blast at family workouts! We can always count on Emily to take life in stride and have a positive outlook on almost everything. In addition to being an amazing wife and Mommy, this mompreneur has also just started her own math tutoring business. Someday we’ll all be saying “we knew her...


Meet Olivia Parker! Our early October Mom of the Month!

Olivia is Mommy to the beautiful blue-eyed, Julia and wifey to Eric. She attended her very 1st Stroller Strides class when Julia was just a few weeks old! Olivia always shows up to class ready to work and she really pushes us ALL to take it up a notch! Despite her no nonsense approach to her workouts, she is also always ready and willing to lend a warm smile to every Mama...

Sarah C.jpg

Meet Sarah Clements, our August Mom of the Month!

Sarah is Mommy to two adorable girls, Scarlett and CeCe. If you know Sarah, you know that she has such a sweet personality and is just a fun person to be around. She always has the most stylish workout gear and sports it with her beautiful smile! Scarlett, her oldest daughter is definitely one of our big kid helpers at class. We can always count on Scarlett to help us sing and...

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Meet Lauren Coulter, our July Mom of the Month!

Lauren is Mommy to a smiley little guy named Gray and wife to Chad. Originally from GA, we are so happy Lauren has made Louisville her new home! This busy Mama is a pharmacist who also owns LOUVINO (you MUST check it out! They have the BEST food and wine!) In between all of that, Lauren still makes time to come to class and when she does we can always count on seeing her beautiful...

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Meet Amanda Gaither, your June Mom of the Month!

Amanda is Mom to Carter and wife to hubby, Josh. We met Amanda when Carter was just 7 weeks old and have loved getting to know her! She and her family are always doing fun local things so we know that we can always ask her where the cool new spots are! Amanda is not only beautiful but she's super chill and we love that about her! Thank you for...

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Meet Erika Cravanas, your May Mom of the Month! Erika is Mommy to the adorable Hampton (9 months) and wife to Alex. Erika is a graduate of Duke University (although we won't hold that against her ;)) and the University of Louisville Medical School. She is also our in house pediatrician. haha! (Not really...but we do inundate her with medical questions from time to time). Erika, you are so sweet and beautiful and we love having you as...

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Meet Jessica... who is ALSO one of your INSTRUCTORS!

Jessica was born and raised in Louisville and is mommy to her sweet little girl Olivia AND is expecting a little guy- Max who will be here in July! We met Jessica back in June of 2015 and have gotten to enjoy her ever since! Jessica began as a member of Stroller Strides and quickly fell in love with the program. Shortly after attending classes as a member she...

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Meet Jennifer...

We got to meet Jennifer and her sweet little, Sawaya (9 months old) this past fall and we absolutely LOVE having them around. Jennifer is wife to Aaron and LUCKY step mom to 8 year old Blake, who we have also gotten to know and enjoy! Jennifer does an awesome job at pushing herself during classes and always does it with a smile and a few jokes to...

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What is your fave thing about Stroller Strides? Finding time to exercise is hard when you have a family, but Stroller Strides allows me to spend time with my son and work out at the same time. I love that I can get a good work out without sacrificing time with him. I also love the new friends I’ve met through Stroller Strides!