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We're Spilling the Dirt on House of Boom

We’ve all thought it. What exactly is going on in the bottom of that foam pit? How many cooties are lurking on the trampolines? As moms, we think about every germ our littles will encounter. And when you are running a facility visited by hundreds of sweaty kids and teenagers every week, you’re bound to be in for some major cleaning efforts.

We are happy to report that you can rest easy, Mamas! If you’ve visited House of Boom, you already know it’s a very inviting, fun, and clean facility. BUT… did you know they take maintenance and cleanliness really seriously? We’re talking mom-approved seriously? Look at this photo House of Boom recently shared of the staff literally pealing back the layers and doing some major spring cleaning.

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They also routinely clean out the foam pits. Can you imagine dropping your phone in here? We bet their lost and found box is pretty interesting!


We love that House of Boom gives us these peeks at their process. They know the way to a Mama's heart. You can feel confident about the environment House of Boom offers for family fun.

So get your bounce on at House of Boom.... And for goodness sake, be thankful you don’t have to clean 23,000 square feet!

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