Trampoline Twists on Traditional Kid's Games

House of Boom Extreme Air Sports isn't all fun and games... who are we kidding!?! Yes, IT IS! This month we are sharing two trampoline twists on classic kids' games that you can suggest to your children next time you're at House of Boom.

First up is Rock, Paper, Scissors - Trampoline Style!

Instead of using just hand motions, you can use your whole body on the trampolines. Claim your set of springs and from there, use your imagination to decide what moves will be rock, paper, and scissors. For example, rock could be landing in a seated position. Paper could be dropping flat on your back on the trampoline. Scissors could be a star jump!

Next up is Trampoline Simon Says!

Simon Says is another classic game that can seem even more fun on trampolines. You can play Rock, Paper, Scissors to decide who will be Simon! Just imagine all of the new calls "Simon" can make when bouncing on a trampoline. Balancing on one foot, hopping with hands in the air, rolling from side to side of the trampoline.... the funny stunt options are endless!

Try out these games with your kids at our next Fit4Mom Lou play date at House of Boom. Let us know what other creative ways you use the trampolines at our favorite source of high-flying fun! Be sure to use our hashtag #fit4momlou and tag House of Boom when you post your bouncing photos on social media.

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