The Bounce is the New Binky

Calling all Mamas... Toddler hour at House of Boom is WHERE. ITS. AT.

Last month Fit4Mom Louisville had our "traveling" playdate at House of Boom in Middletown for their KidJump hour. Girrrrl..we had a blast. Watching the kiddos run, bounce, and not need anything from us for an entire hour was something we won't soon forget. We got lots of questions beforehand from Moms worried that their kiddos were too young. But if they can walk, they can bounce! There is plenty of padding around the trampolines and a caring "Flight Crew" keeping close eyes on all of the craziness.

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Best of all, YOUR ticket is included in the price of your Toddlers, so you are free to bounce and play WITH THEM....or just chat with your friends like we did. haha.


KidJump (6 & under) is offered from 9-10am everyday except Thursday. Check out the online calendar with a full list of activities HERE! Get goin, Mama!

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