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Stroller Striding Littles FAVE Local Shopping- December

If you’re like me, then you may have begun shopping but still have a few last minute gifts to pick up before Santa’s big entrance. Driving down Shelbyville Road one day, I noticed a new store called “boho hipsters.” I had a few minutes to spare before picking up my oldest from school (and shopping sounded way better than sitting in the carpool lane), so a quick turn into the parking lot we went!

Upon entering boho hipsters, I was in love right away. From the clean lines and the vibe of their beautiful shop, I knew I was going to be a lifer! They offer trendy clothing for littles aged newborn to teens with a boho hipster vibe. They even have some things for the home so you should obviously pick up something for yourself too! You MUST try one of the candles that they carry… they’re one of my new faves!

Do yourself a favor if you’re looking for something trendy and stylish for those kiddos and stop in boho hipsters! Be sure to mention FIT4MOM Louisville and they’ll gift you with 20% off your purchase!

Happy shopping, Mamas! See you in class!

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