So What IS a Supertramp anyway?

We know you've been hearing lots of buzz around House of Boom's new attraction.

#eurotramp #supertramp #whatdoesthisevenmean??


Since Our Village spends so much time enjoying their amazing facility, we thought you guys needed more details about House of Boom's cool new feature. A "super tramp" is an in-ground trampoline specifically designed for performance (i.e. tricks!). Many of you have already tried out their standard trampolines that make up the majority of the square footage inside House of Boom. These standard trampolines are designed to bounce low. Super tramps on the other hand, are constructed with higher end materials intended for optimal bounce. You are guaranteed to jump higher on the new super tramp than any other trampoline they offer!

So, if you or your littles are in for some EXTRA high-flying fun next time you're at House of Boom, check out the #SUPERTRAMP!!

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